Snow’s BBQ [Lexington, TX] - Brisket

Dang! This travels well for mail order. Defrost in the fridge for a couple of days, reheat in high moisture foil wrap a la “Texas Crutch” for 1hr @ 300F.

Excellent brisket. Deliciously moist and smoky. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had!!!


Seeing it on the Netflix series was so nice. The story of their pit master was captivating. I didn’t know their product can be shipped. Have you ever been to the location?

Thought I’d chime in. I’ve been there once back a few years ago right before they got super popular. As it was, pulling in at 8:30 a.m. there were already a few people in line. The brisket was fantastic and I had a chance to compare it to Franklin’s a few days later, which was also great. That was when you could stand in line at Franklin’s about an hour before they opened and only have a couple dozen people in front of you at the most.

Anyway, Snow’s was quiet enough at that time that after I ate, I walked out and the whole crew was still out there. Everyone was super friendly, I was invited to come inside the pit area and walk around. They showed me the equipment, patiently answered all my questions and overall just made the experience even better.

It was over an hour drive from Austin and I had to get up while it was still dark on a Saturday morning. But it was a fun drive with the sunrise and after I got off the freeway, I drove through farms and made my way to the small town.

It was one of the highlights of my trip. I did 8 days and 7 nights in Austin and spent the entire time eating bbq, drove out to Muellers, Lockhart for the big 3, Luling, etc.

I wish I could find my trip report on CH, but their site search is so bad. I’ve looked off and on for a few years so I could copy it but no luck.


Hey I finally found it! Thanks @attran99 for giving me the incentive


@Jase that was a gangsta trip of epic eating! How you managed to not get tired of copious amounts of meat is a feat in that of itself.
Great report! Thanks for sharing!


Testament to the quality and variety of bbq but yeah, I do like my meat. LOL

I’m glad you liked the report.

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