Solano Avenue Berkeley/Albany

Just looking for a place to get a decent, not expensive meal for those times when there is nothing in the house and I’m worn out and too lazy to do the whole number, and not interested in having Palak Paneer or pizza.

I tried Bo’s but the place was like a tomb. My fried chicken thighs with mac and cheese turned out to be a heavily battered boneless skinless breast and what I suppose might have been a thigh. The mac and cheese was edible. Very uninspired. I felt like the chef was as worn out as I was. Nothing was bad, just disappointing.

Have you tried Riveter Cafe (the old Tangerine spot)? I went shortly after they first opened and it seemed like it had potential. I also like the Tostada (not taco) salad with Carnitas at Talavera. But mostly, if I’m eating “non-expensive” Solano food, it is either take out from La Bedaine, or something at Kim’s.

Renee’s Place
China Village
Britt Marie’s
Little Star (has some good non-pizza dishes)
Pho An Sen

Is Britt Marie’s any good right now? Last time I was there it was really
bad. So, bad that I felt like Britt Marie should sue to get her name off
the sign, and I haven’t gone back.
But chefs do change, sometimes making a place better, and sometimes worse.

I liked it OK last time I went. There was a new woman running the front of the house and she was working on improving things.

I’m not sure if that was the 2013 meal I posted about at or if it was more recently.

I haven’t been in a few years, and was in no rush to return after the last meal.

RL did remind me of Bowl’d, which I like. I haven’t been to Fonda in ages, but I don’t consider it a “not-expensive meal” place once you add up all the little bits.

I think of Fonda as inexpensive because we usually go after 9:00, when the happy-hour menu is in effect.

I went for a friend’s birthday dinner last Feb. and it was pretty terrible. I used to like it ages ago.

The food at Troy is okay, but once at an early lunch the Sysco delivery guy was going in and out for half an hour. They serve gallons of yogurt sauce, and much of it is wasted, so I almost don’t blame them, but still…

Another option is one of the plates at Zand’s. They aren’t open too late, so it might be a “to go” thing.

Zand’s is great. I don’t think of it as a dinner option since it closes at 7:00.

Wish I didn’t see this. It will be a sad day.

Another place I’d go back to:

I really like Taqueria Talavera and China Village, though the latter has slipped a bit over the years.

Some Brazilian Bread sign is up where the papered over windows of the former long lived Tangerine (and short lived Riveter) is located.

Zand’s is closing at the end of June. Signs are up in the store. Apparently, landlord wants them out. :sob: