Something near the Carpenter Performing Arts Center?

i need place for dinner before the show tonight that can accommodate one vegetarian and one omnivore.

anybody have any ideas?

Hi @westsidegal,

I had to look that up (FYI for folks that didn’t know it’s near Cal State Long Beach).

I’m not familiar with that area, but if you’re coming down from the Westside / 405 S, you might consider these restaurants in Torrance / Gardena.

  • Shin Sen Gumi (Yakitori) - Solid Grilled Skewers specialist. Vegetables and Meats. Just 2 minutes off the 405 S and Western. :slight_smile:

  • Sanuki no Sato - Only about 3 - 4 minutes off the 405 S and Western, a cozy family oriented spot, with lots of Japanese Combination Dinners and Udon and other dishes. @bulavinaka can explain more about this place. :wink:

  • Torihei - Japanese Oden & Izakaya specialist. A variety of Kushiyaki Vegetable Skewers and also pescatarian and meat dishes.

  • Wadatsumi - Same plaza as Torihei (about 10 min south of the 405 freeway and Western exit). Excellent Sashimi / Chirashi Bowls. Kushikatas (Fried Skewers) of meat and vegetable offerings. Small dishes.


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thank you so much!!

All great recs, but one consideration for having dinner at these places before heading to a show in Long Beach is when dinner service starts. Most Japanese restaurants begin dinner service some time between 1700-1800.

Another consideration is reservations. I haven’t been to Torihei in a while, but it used to be first-come. Sanuki does take reservations, but we usually reserve one of their tatami rooms - not sure about their tables.

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Torihei takes reservations. As does Wadatsumi. Good points! :slight_smile:

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Playa Amor

Both have more than just perfunctory vegetarian options.

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thank you!!