Somewhat Hilarious Listing Of Best Chinese Restaurants in Los Angeles

Some of you may remember the article I once wrote on the bogusness of Top Ten type listings of Chinese restaurants. The particular listing listed below actually avoids many of the criticisms I had of such lists and its selection of restaurants makes it somewhat credible (though the inclusion of Yang Chow might blow that up). Where the credibility of this list really fails lies in the accompanying photographs. For example, Elite is represented by a Chinese restaurant named Elite somewhere in India, the unrelated San Gabriel Tasty Noodle House is depicted in the listing for the West LA Tasty Noodle House, and darned if I know what that location of Din Tai Fung might be.

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My bet is whoever put that together has never been to Los Angeles. Or to Wales, South Africa, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, or most of the other places with listicles on that site with the same byline. I suspect it’s largely bot-generated, though it could just be low-paid plagarists with limited English skills.

Alright, so Eataly’s first West Coast station isn’t, in fact, an eatery – yet this gigantic, 67,000-square-foot space gave to Italian food still merits a spot on our rundown. Situated inside Westfield Century City, the three-story emporium flaunts a few eateries, bistros presenting Italian coffee and remarkable to-LA sweet and appetizing yogurt parfaits, take-away counters (one that works in cannoli and stuffed bombolonis, another that hawks of prey paninis – you get the thought), and a commercial center selling several Italian items running from pasta to olive oil, cheeses, restored meats, and wine.

Nourishment aside, the two-story shocker incorporates a salvaged tree limb ceiling fixture in the first-floor eating region, a loungelike housetop with private cabanas and a swinging daybed, and an all-around obeyed group to coordinate.

Could be though it is credible enough to be real as the choices were somewhat sophisticated. I was thinking maybe the author lived on the west side of LA or South Bay based on his choice of mutli-branch chain locations, and he just picked his personal favorite restaurants.

You can ask anyone from San Francisco about the best restaurants in San Francisco city, surely undoubtedly they will mention Tartine in their list for sure. At first, it opened as a bakery with a long queue also, in the end, extended to a giant, full-administration task called Tartine Manufactory. Now this Manufactory opened in L.A. as well as a huge multi-part complex at the Row, with a baked good window, a soon-to-open market, a bar where you can eat pizza and drink wine, and the present headliner, Tartine Bianco. The bread-based dishes at Manufactory are undoubtedly impressive.

The contact information links back to India. They’re coverage of other cities is equally as weird.

Some of that garbled English is so weird I can’t imagine how it was assembled. “Hawks of prey panini”?

How you discovered the website is more interesting to me. Seems to be a bullshit site for random content that’s making its owner money in some way with minimal work.

There’s a Google Ads “sponsored searches” box at the top.

That wouldn’t bring in much money, but if they keep the production and hosting costs low enough, they might turn a profit.

Found it on one of the overly broad internet searches I do to keep up with new developments. I am impressed how this listing stayed pretty much to good, authentic listings.

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That’s rare for that site. And it still has a lot of nonsense, such as “it’s dependably a smart thought to include a cocktail from nearby.”

I think that is the Glendale (Americana at Brand) location of DTF.