Sonoratown - A Homemade Flour Tortilla to Rival Its Corn Counterpart


they do have fantastic flour tortillas, along with burritos la palma. I know article is written for the masses, but why couldn’t she just buy sonora wheat flour? with the home bread baking movement, it’s not that hard these days to find it after quick internet search. Grist and Toll in pasadena carries it and so does King’s Roost, in grain form if you want to mill it yourself. Another item on the list to tackle one of these days.


just made it, but much larger sobaquera style! What's cookin'? - #1448 by hppzz


Looking forward to trying this soon. I haven’t had a great flour tortilla in years.

The burritos are not deep-fried like their north-of-the-border cousins …

Say what?

The full excerpt:

There are chivichangas — sturdy, modestly sized burritos filled with guisados of stewed, flavorful shredded chicken or beef. The burritos are not deep-fried like their north-of-the-border cousins but rather sealed on the grill, the tortilla taking on a crackly, lightly toasted quality."

I would assume “chivichanga” = chimichanga, which are commonly deep fried in the US

That makes sense. Calling them “burritos” threw me off.

may finally go this weekend… i was tracking that competition this summer and love hybrid tortillas.

Is there anyplace in LA that makes chips from good house-made flour tortillas?


The chivichangas at Sonoratown are most definitely not fried. But they are really fucking good.

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Sonoratown make really good flour tortillas!
I also like the flour tortillas at Loqui. You can buy bags of those.

Finally went to try that award winning tortilla! I remember listening to the competition on KCRW last summer. It’s all that. Get extra tortillas .

Pro move. Do as uncle Nemroz does and take a Bean and Cheese one to go, then after the club you put the chivichanga into your vespa trunk, and by the time you get home it’s melty hot again :slight_smile:


Extra tortillas would have been a good move. With so much filling I couldn’t judge the tortillas.

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The quesadilla there is a good way to judge the tortilla.

The Chivichanga deal is great. $30 for 3 chicken, 3 beef, 2 bean and cheese with half pint each of the red hot salsa and tomatillo salsa. These guys reheat great on the griddle. This ended up being 2 meals for my family after we added in some chips and veggies. The only downside is during covid they weren’t selling the 12 pack of tortillas.


Oh mama. Chivi wins every time