Sotto, Fig, Hungry Cat, or Flores and Sons

I’m going with a group of friends to dinner in a couple weeks. There will probably be 4-6 of us. I’ve been given the options of the above four restaurants. Which would you choose?

Sotto for the food or Fig for the location…

sotto for the chicken liver rigatoni

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Sotto. Great food, winelist, and service.

i admit , i’ve never been to flores and sons.
between the other three, i prefer fig


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Agreed, Sotto.

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Pro tip that Fig offers 50% off everything (booze and all food) from 5 to 6 daily.


I really want to try that chicken liver rigatoni at Sotto. @Thor recommends it highly as well.



one of the best pork chops in town. Love the liver ragu. Very good octopus and great pork cheek pizza.

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Flores and Sons. I’ve eaten Sotto too many times, and while the food is good, I don’t like the ambience or space. I like Flores and Sons’ food and location, interesting vegetables. I don’t like Middle Eastern, so Fig is out. Hungry Cat is inconsistent and I wasn’t overly impressed with the seafood. (S.M., never been to Hollywood location.) So my vote would be Flores and Sons.

On a side note, why does Hungry Cat charge $18.50 for 1/2 dozen oysters, while every other restaurant in town charges $18? What’s with the extra 50 cents? So silly.

also, doesn’t Hungry Cat also charge the 3% bulls-t charge for “health care?”

(with all the claims of “transparency,” i’ve yet to see ANY of these restaurants release an audited accounting of what they’ve done with the money)

Not necessary.

If the restaurant has more than 50 employees, they’re required to provide healthcare coverage under ACA (otherwise face a penalty). So the surcharge is either going to health benefits, or to a pay fine.

And if they fall under the radar of ACA, and still levy a surcharge, I’d imagine the employees would be so pissed they’d let everyone know. Nothing like peer pressure, except for peer pressure that craters your bottom line. (Same would apply to those >50 employees if the restaurant is levying a surcharge and not provide health coverage.)

No need to pick a fight when there’s no fight to be had.

i doubt that their employees would have the cahones (sp) to start a fight with them unless a LAWYER were to help them.
(hint hint)

their employees, imho, are too young to understand this kind of battle.

They’re not too young to understand social media, or dropping a line to Eater.

when you don’t have a lot of money,
taking chances with your job by posting to social media would not seem to me to be a very rational thing to do.
how would it benefit eater to take on this subject? much safer for eater to focus on light-weight lists of restaurants and bars week after week.

[quote=“Bookwich, post:13, topic:4042”]
Hungry Cat is inconsistent and I wasn’t overly impressed with the seafood. (S.M., never been to Hollywood location.)
[/quote] I feel the same about the Hollywood location :unamused:.

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