Soul Belly

Excellent BBQ joint in Las Vegas. Picture says it all…

Here’s info about the place if you wanna read up on it.

pork spareribs

pork belly


collared greens

gigi’s corn casserole


We were there just a few weeks ago. Very good bbq but the sides were outstanding. Collards so good I made some for the first time when we got back home. Mac n cheese great too. Corn casserole outstanding. Our daughter owns a craft beer bar a few blocks away and had heard great things. An overall great find.


Have you tried their turkey?

No. Just brisket and ribs.

Thanks for the tip @moonboy403

The bbq was pretty excellent. We ordered the brisket, ribs, pork belly and sausage and it is definitely a nice addition to the town.

I would probably not order the pork belly again, it was a bit too sweet for my liking and the smoke flavor was less apparent. The ribs, brisket and sausage were outstanding and I really enjoyed the corn casserole.

The smoked chicken nachos are so tempting, I wanted to go back and get them but times constrained going back.