Soulmate - weho

New restaurant soulmate (terrible name) opened on Robertson near the abbey. I think it is owned by hwood group or nomad hotel. Interior is beautiful with an open air atrium. The service was great and the vibe was fun. Food was not out of this world but solid. If you’re going here it’s more for the scene and the food would be secondary and also pricey. It appears they went through a couple of chefs but now they’ve settled on a Spanish tapas menu. Great for drinks and vibe. Fun addition to the neighborhood since there are not a lot of real dining options in the area.

Paella well cooked very little soccorat but plump bomba rice with great seafood/saffron flavor. Seafood was super fresh and not over cooked. Better than rosalines iteration.

Pastured chicken salsa verde deboned and very well cooked. One of the favs of the table but pricey at 42 bucks for such a small chicken.

Sauted sweet peppers very sweet with great char

Pork belly sliders not bad not great but really odd choice for the menu. Kinda like tapas meets rando sports bar food? I didn’t want to order this but my friend was insistent because he’s “into pork belly” the bread was also bad

Pan con tomate w jamon Serrano. Not pan con tomate that you receive in Spain. More like bread with tomato sauce and jamon Serrano. Still very tasty. But I would prefer sliced jamon and more traditional pan con tomate separately

Charred eggplant with quinoa salad. Best dish of the night. Eggplant was hasselbecked creating a crispy outside texture with a creamy center came with an herby quinoa salad that really gave the eggplant texture and body. Dish was superb

Crudite with white bean hummus. Delicious refreshing veggies and hummus was on point

Croquettes pretty standard


Your review is pretty much what I was expecting. Beautiful space with just so so food. I may still stop by for a drink and some apps if I’m in the area but doesn’t sound like a destination worthy place. Did you notice if they added any Cavas or G&Ts to their menu? The opening menu that Eater posted didn’t include any, which I don’t get for a “Spanish” restaurant.

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Yup definitely go for the space and the vibe it is very beautiful and it would be a great place for drinks and small bites.

I didn’t notice any but I also didn’t drink last night so my perusing of the drinks list was perfunctory, my friends ordered roses and vodka sodas lol

I went the first week. My paella there was a tad better than the one you had (more socarrat). Nice digs, I agree.

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I saw the Infatuation did one of their review ride alongs in their IG stories the other day and it looked like you said–solid food but mostly for the scene.

Though I did spot their “spicy paella bites” in the story, which looks like a spanish take on crispy tuna rice and I’m definitely intrigued :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I was intrigued but it seemed too gimmicky and we were getting paella already

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Any recent visits?

I have not been but I had dinner last night with a good friend who likes it a lot. I intend to go soon.

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I was there last night. Nice scene and service. The food was ok, but not especially memorable.

Indubitably scene-y.

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I had a friend go over the weekend. They enjoyed it. I didn’t get a review on dishes, though.