South Bay Staples

IMO Sugarfish stock has gone up massively in the past 2 years. Price has not gone up significantly compared to it’s competitors while quality is pretty much the same.

For $55 the “trust me” is edamame, sashimi app, 7 rounds of 2pc nigiri, and 2 hand rolls. Can’t beat it.

That said, the “18 finest japanese restaurants” is probably the wrong list for them to land on.


Exactly this.

I get the rest of what you said, though.


Fukuno needs to be on that list


No Torimatsu either :frowning:

Not the worst list, but Carlos Jr and Wadatsumi offer some of my favorite gohan in all of the South Bay! Torimatsu is a chicken temple. Tamaen is on there, they have the best thick cut wagyu gyutan ever!


I am surprised that neither Nagomi Cake House or Chantilly Patisserie were on the list. Chikara is good and so is Sakuraya. Hard for me to pick the better one but should include both or neither IMHO. Another good option would have been Kansha Creamery.

BTW - it’s 2:30pm and all I’ve been thinking about for the last hour is dessert so take these thoughts with a grain of salt.


It just irks me, probably irrationally, that Sugarfish which has 10 other LA locations and 4 New York locations made this list when there are so many other local Japanese spots that are much better. :woman_shrugging:t5:


WORD! a few years ago, a food publication included Jollibee as one of the best Filipino restaurants in LA. I was pretty annoyed at this (granted i do like Jollibee) but to include an International chain? It was an insult to all those small Filipino restaurants.


The last time I went to Sugarfish I thought it was just ok. The appetizer I received was ice cold. It felt like it was pre-cut and pre-made on the dish and stuck in a fridge. Same way I felt the last time I went to Nozawa. Same factory sushi meal over and over.

I would rather support the small guys and go to Nozomi or Wadatsumi and not just because afterwards I can walk to get chestnut goodies. But that doesn’t hurt.


McDonald’s: Fine Scottish cuisine.


H.G. Wells: This is delicious, far superior to that Scottish place I breakfasted.

Amy Robbins: Scottish?

H.G. Wells: McDougall’s

– “Time After Time” (1979)


We had a pretty excellent meal at Ryla in Hermosa Beach this evening. I have to say I liked the food a lot more than @A5KOBE did, though we did order mostly different dishes. But as I’ve mentioned before, I’m very easy to please so YMMV. Also, the dessert we had just overtook FWD’s Key lime pie as my favorite dessert in the South Bay. It was fantastic.

Island Creek Oysters (hibiscus gelee, cucumber, shiso):

Agedashi Meiji tofu (Santa Barbara uni, ikura, dashi, radish, wasabi oil, nori):

Umeboshi roast chicken (baby bok choy, plum wine chicken jus):

12 oz Flannery NY Strip (wild ramps, cascade potato, port wine tare, fresh wasabi):

Meiji soy milk pudding (strawberry shiso sorbet, brown sugar gelee, ginger churro):


Finally making it to Torrance farmers market! What stands should I be looking for? My shopping list includes, but not limited to:

  1. stone fruit, citrus and berries
  2. fish and meats, mostly beef and chicken
  3. Asian veggies
  4. prepared / hot food that I can nibble on while shopping!
  5. anything else that is a must try

Thanks in advance for any and ask recommendations

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Adam’s Get Down Gumbo - jambalaya (prepared food for later)

JCK Farms - tomatoes, brocollini, fresh herbs

Weiser - potatoes, radishes

Tamai - lettuce, kale, spinach

Mr Thao - sprouted cauliflower, Thai basil, lemongrass, broccoli, onion, gailan, yams

Ken’s Top Notch - peaches, cherries

Mom’s - hummus, lemon pita chips, feta, olives

Harry’s Berries - strawberries (although not too impressed with this year’s crop)

Bluewater Seafood - seafood

Black Sheep Farms - fingerling potatoes, garlic, dried beans, chile peppers (when in season)

Yasutomi Farms - negi, shiso, mizuna

Frontier Kettle Corn - kettle corn


wow breaking news from the south bay


Big island eats

Guava katsu and guava chicken plate. Heaping tasty portions with a not pictured mochi butter cake which is my favorite dessert around here.

Not too many options up on the hill but this is a good local joint.

Broke da mouth.



Speaking of big island eats, this broke da mouth during my last visit

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The corner of PCH & Figueroa in Wilmington on Sunday evenings is my happy place.

Carne asada tacos from Taqueria El Compita Estilo Tijuana:

NY steak plate from Hibachi Street LA:

Birria taco suave and quesataco from Birria Hijos de Villa:

Bacon wrapped hot dog from a cart:

There was a lady selling homemade chocoflan and tres leches cake out of her van and they were quite good!

This is a newish stand that looked good but I was too full to try it this time:


Those TJ tacos look fantastic. How much each?

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How long did you have to wait? Last time I drove by the line was way too long.

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They aren’t Tire Shop level, but still very good! $2.25.

Yeah, they always have the longest line but it goes pretty fast. I think we waited maybe 10 mins? I personally don’t mind waiting though.