Squab dishes?

Is there anywhere in particular that has a great squab dish consistently in SF? It’s always a joy to find it in the city, but it seems to only appear sporadically (better than never appearing on LA menus though). Wondering if the gurus here know some secret spots.

The drunken squab is a must order for us at R&G Lounge.

I will have to keep it in mind; fortunately for me, Californios served me the most prodigiously delicious squab dish of my life; unfortunately, I fear they may have ruined all other squab dishes due to how extraordinary it was, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Begoni Bistro

You and Ogden Nash.

Toward a better world I contribute my modest smidgin;
I eat the squab, lest it become a pigeon.

Ogden Nash

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No secret, but it’s on Great Eastern’s menu (as shown on their website).

I’ve had a good version at New Jumbo Seafood on Noriega. The food there is better than the Yelp rating; there seems to be acampaign against it, perhaps because it’s the kind of “insider” place where a gweilao might feel disrespected.

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