Standing's Butchery

If you want quality, ethically sourced meats, come to Standing’ Butchery. Please.

I got some beautiful pork belly and jowl for Shanghainese Lion’s Head tonight.

A true nose-to-tail butchery.

Standing’s Butchery
7016 Melrose Ave (x-street La Brea)


You like this place better than Harvey Guss, A Cut Above and Eataly meat dept?

i stopped by here and they are LEGIT.

most definitely

Like getting a custom hand-tailored suit by one tailer, no machines versus buying something off of, say, the Bironi rack.

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I got a grass-fed ribeye and a bunch of different kinds of sausages from here over the weekend.

I’m typically wary of grass-fed meat as the marbling seems to suffer from the leaner diet. Glad to report no such problems at Standings. It was the best store-bought ribeye I’ve ever had. Tender, with full and funky (in a good way) flavors.

Sausages were also really nice but not mind blowing like the ribeye.

The people working there were super helpful and friendly. I’ll be back.

I want to get some of their tallow.

If you like the magic combination of ketchup-mustard-onion-pickles in a burger (ala McD’s), they do a burger pop up on the weekends that channel this. Sat/Sun 11-3pm.

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Yes! Burger Daddy Burgers! They are totally reminicent of McD’s in every good way. We found them quite tasty and substantial. But for the style, we perfer TrippBurgers.


I want to try that Tripp Burger so bad. I am kicking myself for not making it out when Tripp was at Monkish earlier this month

Ditto. They are at The Weavers this Thursday if you are nearby.

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Trip is nearly always at Three Weavers on Thursday. It’s a great place to catch them as there is plenty of parking and they are less apt to sell out, unlike on their Palms location.

Also, if you are a Chili Burger fan… I love their Chili!! It’s very meaty and complexed spiced! However, if you could only get ONE burger there (and yes, the Burger Never Say Die rule of “Always Order Two” should be in effect at Tripps), it’s the double cheeseburger… it’s so CRAZY juicy and the lace… oh… that lace…

Will be headed to when they are at LA Ale Works next month on the 11th.


The standing burgers are good but tbh I wouldn’t go out of my way for them… only if you’re passing through the area. Pretty expensive, I’d rather go to Belcampo or golden state and get fries too …

Tripp is at Monkish tonight. I wish I was in the area for some beers and burgers

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