Stones Throw

Quintessential neighborhood restaurant in russian hill.

duck pate and mousse
This was solid. However, why do restaurants never give you enough bread?

puffed potato and eggs
Highlight of the night, it was like a croquette with a perfectly runny egg yolk inside.

seared tombo tuna
This also came with little fried calamari with an avocado sauce.

sweet corn soup
Really good.

crispy skinned striped bass
Unfortunately the skin wasn’t crispy.

duo of beef ribeye and braised shortrib

banana split

peanut butter and jelly donuts



$140 before tip, including one drink and a comped dessert.

So you must be in San Francisco now. I’m going to read all your posts tomorrow :kissing_heart:.

This was a couple weeks ago, i’m back to being a glutton in la

I just read that on one of your other posts. You get around.

Oh yeah… And this all looks great. Pâté would be my death row last meal request.

Except for your obsession with wiggly things, brains and head - you & I have pretty much the same palate.

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Very consistent, I ate many of these exact same dishes almost 2 years ago at Stones Throw. Not a bad little spot though.

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This looks amazing @PorkyBelly - moved up the list on my itinerary

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