Stop The Presses--Cantonese Restaurant Replaces String Of Shanghai and other non-Cantonese Restaurants in San Gabriel Valley

Following up on JThur01’s LA Eater lead, I dropped by Lucky 1 Restaurant which just replaced Shanghai Bistro at a location which was home to a string of non-Cantonese restaurants in the past decade, including Addictive, Be Be and Dalian Small Stones. Lucky 1 serves dim sum in a take out section on one side of the restaurant and Cantonese dishes in the dining room. These days a new Cantonese restaurant is news in the SGV, and those that open usually just replace another Cantonese restaurant at that location. Consequently, Lucky 1’s opening is noteworthy, though it could be an anomaly. Only went through the baked side of the display, and the pineapple custard, bbq pork, and almond buns (below) were all excellent.


For those keeping track, Lucky 1 makes 7637 E. Garvey the location in Rosemead that has had the greatest number of Chinese restaurants. It had been tied at 10 with the location now housing Longo Seafood across the street. Also before getting too excited about this opening, I thought I heard Mandarin being spoken behind the counter, which might make this one of TonyC’s fake Canto places.


What about Xiang Yuan Gourmet (Temple City) or Longo Seafood (Rosemead)? Or even Sheng Hui (West Covina).

Xiang Yuan Gourmet replaced Wonder Seafood, a Cantonese dim sum restaurant. Longo Seafood is just the latest in a string of 10 dim sum restaurants at that location since Donald Lam opened up Seafood City in the 1980s. Sheng Hui replaced a taco house.

Thanks for the follow-up chandavkl. Interesting that they took both spaces, since the others have been confined to one side with the tea house using the other.

Where does the Beijing Pie House space on Garvey rank? I thought it was close. Mainly, I remember 3 or 4 restaurants in that space in barely a year’s time prior to BPH.

Actually I missed those changes because the signage said “Canton Gourmet” the whole time. As you may recall Beijing Pie House itself went the longest time before replacing the old signage with it’s own name, and it’s the change of signage that is usually how I pick up on a new restaurant. Canton Gourmet opened up in 2009, so my next listing at that address is Beijing Pie House in 2011. But in any event this location on Garvey wouldn’t rank that high. There are probably a hundred locations with six or more different Chinese restaurants.

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