Store Bought Corned Beef - Who's got the tastiest?

can anyone point me in the right direction? I would make it myself but i don’t have enough time to cure it by Friday.

thanks in advance.

Curious to hear as well. My $3/lb specimens from the standard markets didn’t exactly make me a convert.

FWIW, Snake River Farms sells non-prime corned beef or something like $15/lb, and >prime corned beef for almost $25/lb.

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do you know where i can get the Snake River Farms one? i saw corned beef at Costco Business Center, a full brisket Packer, but that’s a little bit too much meat. thanks for the information. They had a $10 coupon code last week. The >prime corned beef was $60 for a 2.5 pound slab.

Ah! I thought they would have them at a store or something. I’ll check online and see who sells it locally.


They had some samples out at Trader Joe’s last week. Tasted pretty good, like corned beef of yore. I read the ingredients list, and it was something like 1gm of sodium per 2oz portion. That sounded pretty high, but maybe it’s normal for corned beef.

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The one I got from Sprouts was a notch better than the vons/albertsons/ralphs-type ones I have gotten in the past.

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2019 bump with st patty’s day just a few weeks to go.

Can someone provide me with a NO BRAINER supplier + corned beef/cabbage recipe to make me a believer? I like corned beef fine, but have never found a homemade corned beef/cabbage dinner that was worthwhile.

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2020 bump.

Very happy with my Gelsons branded product last year but wanted to get your thoughts. Here’s Gelsons selection today.

I haven’t tried any of the Gelson’s products but maybe I’ll try these this year.