Strawberry cream birthday cake

Can anyone recommend a bakery that makes a delicious strawberry cream cake in Monterey Park or Alhambra? I enjoyed Jim’s Bakery mango cake but have not tried their strawberry cake.

Are you looking for the one like what’s made at iconic Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown?


Definitely go to OG Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown. They invented it! I will always love that cake for life. For many ABC’s it really is nostalgic and always delicious. Sometimes I’ll stop by and grab a single slice. I know every Chinese bakery has it but if you haven’t already support the OG shop. Honestly every damn Chinese bakery in the US has copied it and they never seem bitter about it at all. They are better people than me lol


I assume it’s b/c everyone getting one knows where the original came from… :slight_smile:


I know. The original Phoenix Bakery is the best. Failing that, what’s the second best?


Many contenders here, but I like the strawberry cream cake at Olympic Bakery (on Rosemead Temple City; apologies in advance for the yelp link as they don’t have their own website).
Although… amongst the fruit cake cognoscenti, Olympic Bakery is best known for their famous luxe mango cakes.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I love mango cake and will try in the near future. For now, I need a good bakery close to Monterey Park or Alhambra for a strawberry cream cake,.

Try Jim’s Bakery on Atlantic in MP.

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I’ve had mango cake at Jim’s Bakery before. I’ll check out their strawberry cream cake. Thanks.

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Go for the cake and pickup some warm Portuguese egg tarts for the ride home! I love those tarts.

We ordered the cake from Jim’s Bakery in MP. It did not disappoint. Thanks.

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