Sugarfish - Zero Stars


Mark my words, there will be at least 3 outlets in NYC in a couple of years.

I’ve always felt a little confused by what sugarfish was trying to do. I know it’s descended from Big Baller sushi, and this was a more modest version. But the price point was always… weird.

It was definitely more than “hey let’s hit sushi before/after the movie” but not quite into the lower end omakase.
I only ever went to the Santa Monica or Studio City locations, but they were inevitably crowded, noisy, and I always felt rushed. The fish was certainly a cut above SuperGodzillaDynamiteRoll but then they’d drown everything in ponzu.

It just always seemed to me that I could have paid about half the price and gotten a cheap sushi special that would have been in the ‘tasty and filling’ category, or about 30% more and gotten some broader choices and higher quality.

I guess it’s a QPR argument. Sugarfish’s has never quite stood up. I don’t know jack about NYC, but it sounds even more cutthroat than Los Angeles, restaurant-wise. Is there that much call for this particular level?

10 outlets in greater LA area + 2 Kazu nori joints - 'nuff said. Satisfies a sweet spot for “branded” decent (not great) sushi joint; it’s a well oiled operation and raking in $$$$$$$$$$ by my casual obesrvation.

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Yes, but (in my opinion), we already have a pretty decent number of places for mid-price, good quality sushi. What’s keeping me away from Sugarfish, other than the lines, is that the selection is so ordinary.Tuna. Salmon. Yellowtail. Shrimp. Yawn.

Can’t argue with success, I suppose.

I read that review Sunday and thought that it will be a huge success. I know nothing about sushi and rarely have it. But I know and read about people for whom those choices would be perfect. And they’d definitely mix their wasabi in their soy sauce :slight_smile:

It’s the same reason Outback is popular


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Typically 2hr wait on weekday evenings. Now 10mins for takeout.

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