Sunday Lunch around WeHo?

Some friends are going hiking @ Runyon next Sunday and are looking for lunch recommendations afterwards, around 2 pm. Est. ~8 people, ideally within a 10-15 minute drive but could stretch a bit if it’s worth it. A place with at least a couple vegetarian options would be great; otherwise the only real criteria are relatively available seating (given the # of people) and some place that won’t kick people out for wearing hiking-appropriate clothes :slight_smile:

Currently considering:
La Morra (don’t know what seating or parking here looks like; doesn’t seem like they take reservations and I wouldn’t want to stand around for an hour if that’s how long it takes to seat a party of 8)
All Day Baby (a bit further than strictly desirable; same deal w/seating & parking)

If it hasn’t changed since it opened, there isn’t really seating. I think there were maybe two 2-tops outside?

You might have more seating luck at ADB, but, at a earlier in the pandemic, it wasn’t unusual for them to run out of stuff (like biscuits) early in the day.

I hate the parking situation for both, although maybe people who are more familiar w/ the area are okay w/ it?

Had it not been for the vegetarian and depending on the price point, Connie and Ted’s would be an option. Partner says Go Get 'Em Tiger might work (or maybe not, b/c they only have 3-4 tables…).

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Yeah, I considered and ruled out both Connie & Teds and Bludso’s, which otherwise would’ve been good options.

GGET has a reasonable menu but the seating situation looks a bit dicey, from some photos.

Good to know about La Morra, thanks!

These places all take reservations.

Gracias madre vegan not the most amazing food but great outdoor patio maybe one of the best in LA fun atmosphere and also great drinks.

Oste great but different pizza and oysters and other food nice patio dining area on 3rd. Also you could get a pizza to go from la morra since it’s just down the street.

Jon and vinnys their brunch menu is pretty simple but the food there is consistently good. New age american Italian. Might have trouble getting a table for 8 but you might be able to all squeeze in one outdoor booth. We fit 7 in one.

Sun of a gun great seafood and fish sandwich. Not as good as animal but still fun.

No reservations.

Bottega louie very busy but quick turnover no rezzies though. Beautiful indoor space.

Republique decent brunch but i don’t think they do reservations.

Tartine sycamore order at counter they have great brunch options should be able to put a table or two together to accommodate your group.


It looks like I’d have to call both J&V & Son of a Gun to see if we’d be able to make a reservation for parties larger than 6, but both are good options. Oste looks like it could be good though apparently dairy is also a concern and there’s cheese on everything :laughing:

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desano is good for groups. large seating area and a parking lot. and their pizza is pretty damn good too.


There is always BBCM, nice outdoor space and free parking at sunset plaza. it’s busy though so reservations recommended


Sycamore Kitchen on La Brea is an order at the counter spot (probably no resys) with a good sized patio and is vegetarian friendly. It’s busy on weekends but the brunch rush might be ending around 2pm.


Loved the eggs benedict w/lightly smoked salmon.

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All Season Brewing?

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Yep, as we all know by now it’s not my favorite, lol. But the space is huge and has good beer and the right food & atmosphere for peeps “wearing hiking-appropriate clothes”.

I like Zinq

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