Sunday Morning Breakfast Culver City/Venice/Marina Del Rey and environs

Every Sunday morning, I get three hours to myself (away from my kids) from 9am to 12pm. I’d love to try Gjusta for breakfast, but I’m not up for lines and crazy parking. Are there any other places nearby, less popular, that have some great breakfasts? I like to use my time alone to relax and read a book, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time driving (I live in Culver City) or hustling for parking or a seat. I don’t typically like sweet things in the morning, so no donuts or pastries. Thanks!

Also, it would be nice if it has good cold brew.

Gjusta’s parent, Gjelina, opens for breakfast / brunch at 8am and doesn’t get really busy until 10 or so. Plus parking on and around Abbott Kinney is easy at that hour.


I’ll try it this morning!

Metro Cafe (Culver City)
Lodge Bread (Culver City)
Crepes Dusigne (Mar Vista Farmers Market; Sundays only)
Blue Bottle Coffee (Culver City)

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I like The Rose in Venice. The cafe area is nice and so is the outside patio, lots of solo diners. They have free parking in their lot for one hour. Walking distance to Gjusta, if you want to go over and pick up a loaf of bread or a sandwich to take home for lunch. And you can walk to the beach.

I really like the Terrace at the very end of Washington Blvd. in Venice., right next to the beach, for breakfast by myself. It’s not brilliant food, but it’s well prepared. The service is friendly and the vibe is happy and beachy. Then you can walk the pier after.

And because you live in Culver City, I assume you’ve been to the cafe part of Playa Provisions? Another good place to eat by yourself, no rushing, and you can go for a walk on the beach when you’re done eating.

Breakfast + beach = happy Sunday. :slight_smile:


I like the chicken and waffles at the Tasting kitchen


Superba is another good option.

I ended up going to Gjelina. Parking was easy and no waiting for a table at 9:15am. I got the Moroccan eggs and an iced coffee. All of it very good. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the added 20% MSC. I assume this means I don’t have to tip?

I do go to Lodge Bread a lot. I wish they had more non-toast offerings. I do like their Shakshuka though. (Gjelina’s was better.)

I’m just not a fan of Metro Cafe. I’ve been about 4 times and I’m never that impressed. I really want to like it though.

I’ve been to Playa Provisions, but never the cafe part. I’ll do that next week! That with the walk on the beach sounds amazing.

I’ve done Superba, but it’s very busy, so too stressful to me.

All the others will go on my list to try on the upcoming Sundays! Thanks everyone~


Glad you enjoyed it. I like that egg dish a lot. Yes, the 20% service charge, which they implemented a couple months ago, is in lieu of a tip. Server explained it to me that way, and you’ll see if you pay with a credit card that there’s no additional line for a tip on the receipt.

Dudley Market is also possible, although chef just left and you would be blazing a trail. Hard by the beach. Park on Main Street and walk three or four blocks.

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J Nichols in MdR is like an upscaled coffee shop. If you went to the first incarnation, think of a modern, updated, upgraded version.

The menu choices lean toward contemporary newer takes on the usual fare (e.g., pork belly English muffin sandwich; polenta, chorizo&eggs) and they serve Verve coffee and LAMILL tea.

The service is usually very attentive and the booths are comfortable.

On Washington, if you want to read by the beach a bit first, there is Leona at 10am and Charcoal at 10:30am. I like Charcoal, Leona I had one very middling experience for dinner, but that was in their first month or two;hopefully, they improved.

I get oysters for breakfast at that market almost weekly. If I’m going somewhere else to eat after the market, I’ll just have two. An amuse bouche, if you will.

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Me neither. Weird vibe, I never feel comfortable or even wanted by the people that work there.

Pacific Dining Car.

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I’ve only been to the new Rose once, but I absolutely loved the breakfast sandwich. That braised bacon Neroni does is just so good.

A big yes to Dudley Market.

and Gjelina!


Chorizo bowl at Ronnie’s is worth a try.

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