Supermarket Ice Cream

What are your current favorites? My go to pints right now are Strauss Chocolate and Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge. They are both consistently good both texturally and flavor wise.

I tried McConnell’s twice from 2 different supermarkets and did not like the ice cream. Very icy. There must be an issue with their packaging or distribution because I very much enjoy their ice cream at GCM and in SB. But their pints at the supermarkets are not good.

The local Whole Foods in Brea started carrying these brands and wondering if anybody has any feedback on the quality of the pints and what flavors they would recommend. I’ve had each of these at the restaurant or scoop shop and enjoyed many scoops.
Humphrey Slocombe
Van Leewan
Fancy Nancy gelato (not there right now but have seen it)

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Vicente Foods carries (or did carry) Sweet Rose Creamery mint chocolate. :smiley:

I’ve actually enjoyed the McConnell’s I’ve gotten (vanilla bean and chocolate-covered strawberry, the latter of which was totally a misnomer). However, now that you mention it, the last one I got was rather icy (but I wouldn’t say very icy)…

Sweet Rose is starting to get more distribution but its mostly in LA. I think they are at Erewhorn, Bristol, WF and a few other other places. I’d love to see Sweet Rose pints spread to the OC.

Halo Top

Coolhaus. Otherwise I go for the classic - 12 pack of almond milk chocolate Haagen Dazs bars from Costco.

I see you Haagen Dazs bars and raise you an Its-It.


Lately been doing Postmates from Salt and Straw. But if I stick to the supermarket, I think Talenti salted carmel is the best. Just needs a little more sea salt once you’re home.

Those HD vanilla almond bars are delicious.

What flavor of Coolhaus do you get? I tried them a few times but their flavors are too adventurous for me.

I’m a fan of the mint chip from Three Twins.


I cannot do Halo Top. It’s not the right texture. If I’m eating for ice cream I want the real thing.



And I’ll have you know O’Doul’s is the best craft beer out there.


Tillamook Strawberry Cheesecake

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Odd. We get it here in Vegas at Wrong Hole Foods, and it’s been very smooth – not icy at all.

Halo Top is worth it for me for the calorie saving. Puts more money in the bank to spend elsewhere. I like the Bithday Cake flavor.

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I have the same problem with McConnell’s supermarket ice cream. But then I went to a different store and it was fine. I am starting to think it’s the kind of ice cream that needs to be kept at a very specific temperature.

A lot of gourmet ice creams have this problem because they lack the stabilizers that big supermarket brands use to prevent ice from forming due to temperature fluctuations.

Me too, though I’ve had ice in my Three Twins more than once as well.

I know I’m in the minority. The ladies at pilates and Soul Cycle all rave about it. Just not for me. I tried Coconut Bliss the other day and it wasn’t terrible.

I hate it too.

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I actually prefer their non-fancy flavors.

In particular their snickerdoodle based ice cream sandwiches are great. I buy a couple for the freezer whenever they’re on sale.

Haven’t looked for it in a while (we’re trying to eat healthier) but man, I loved it when my Ralph’s started carrying Graeters. Love that stuff, makes a perfect breakfast :yum:

I’m still a sucker for a classic klondike bar and, the Ralph’s Private Selection line of ice creams are surprisingly decent.

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