Surprise Surprise Surprise–Good Dim Sum at NBC Seafood

First of all I owe an apology to NBC Seafood in Monterey Park for my prior comments about Tim Ho Wan in Irvine not being competitive with the top tier dim sum houses in the San Gabriel Valley, but rather on a par with the mid-tier of SGV dim sum houses such as NBC Seafood. Not having had dim sum at NBC for a few years, I had not realized the vast improvement they had made recently, and in fact NBC’s dim sum is significantly better than that of Tim Ho Wan. Now I never stopped going to NBC completely, as we’ve been invited to enough banquets there to know that there has been an uptick in the dinner fare there. Also heard some indications that the dim sum had improved, but since dim sum is only an occasional choice for us at lunch time we have been sticking pretty much to the SGV upper tier the past few years. However with a rare gathering of the less adventuresome side of the Chan family, NBC seemed like the ideal choice.

To say I was taken by surprise by the improvement to NBC’s dim sum is an understatement. My only photo is of the new window into the dim sum kitchen at the very back of the main dining room, though the dim sum off of the carts pretty much looked like the old NBC dim sum anyway.

But the taste of everything we had was a clear step up from the old NBC dim sum I was used to. For me, the more exciting development was the supplemental dim sum menu of alternate items not on the cart, following the path that Koi Palace in the Bay Area set off on a few years ago when they moved away from the cart only dim sum model. Unfortunately I couldn’t order anything off this menu, like purple yam buns and fried shrimp gok, given the company at the table, but it definitely is a reason to return here. And even the traditional items showed innovation, such as the beef cheung fun which was a mixture of the regular minced beef, along with sliced beef.


That’s fantastic news. This is our original dimsum love from many many years ago… we went there constantly but haven’t been going for about 4 years

NBC has always been solid in my book. We had a superb Chinese New Year banquet there this year.

Not having hype and not trending on social media in no way diminishes NBC’s kitchen execution. It just means it’s easier for me to get a seat while everyone else is instagramming at Tim Ho Wan.

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NBC had a really down period, probably 5 or 10 years ago, which soured a lot of people.

Many, many, many years ago, NBC was our Dim Sum place to dine in. After the owners moved to Ocean Star, we followed. Ocean Star has since not only gone downhill but also shuttered. We now go to Capital Seafood for our regular DS craving. We’ve been patronizing it for a couple of years, at the least. ( I once spotted the previous partner of NBC and Ocean Star working part time as a Manager here at Capital SF. He told me that he and his partner have sold their business and are retired)
Anyway, thanks for the 411, Chandavkl. We don’ t dare try to go back unless recommended by this board.
Best regards.

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