Sushi Ginza Onodera - OOE Omakase

met @moonboy403 at sushi ginza onodera and i had the best omakase in la so far. what really stood out for me were the otsumami and texture and flavor of the sushi (all from japan i believe). the temperature, seasoning and packing were also excellent. the nigiri had a noticeable “sigh” and sunk so much that james cameron wants to make a movie about it.

As for pricing ($300, inclusive of service), i’ve had similarly priced meals at shunji and even more expensive meals at mori and shiki that i enjoyed less. i thought the service, level of detail, execution and quality were commensurate with the price and made it worth it for me. i would be happy to return.

free valet parking two doors down next to rise nation on la cienega


  • katsuo
  • tako
  • tairagai isobeyaki
  • ankimo
  • kinmedai
  • shima-aji
  • aji
  • kuruma-ebi
  • uni
  • nodoguro
  • akagai
  • kanpyo maki
  • coconut custard topped with matcha and sweetened japanese black bean

pictures courtesy of @moonboy403 and @PorkyBelly.

toothpick holder

itamae for this evening was Yohei-san

tane lineup

hirame (halibut), umibudo (sea grapes), myoga (japanese ginger), wasabi
pb: great texture, soft but still had a bite to it

chawanmushi - egg custard, italian caviar, uni
mb: got a little sweet and salty action going with the ridiculously silky egg custard flavored by briny caviar and sweet uni

pb: egg³

hokkaido sazae (conch)
mb: great crunch and delicate sweetness from the conch is complemented with bursts of onion flavor from the chopped chives

tako (octopus), yuzu kosho

mb:ridiculously tender and flavorful. how do they do it??

pb: probably by pounding and not pulverizing

katsuo (bonito)
mb: incredibly luscious and the depth of flavor is far beyond the reach of what I had at Hayato just a few weeks ago

pb: agree

kegani (hairy crab)
pb: really good, could be great with some kani miso on top.

tairagai isobeyaki (nori-wrapped japanese penshell)
mb: hello clam nori sammich…excellent texture contrast between the crispy nori and pleasantly firm penshell

pb: again, awesome texture

ankimo - monkfish liver
mb: this is getting ridiculous. think about the best foie you’ve ever had with less of a funk but immensely creamier and complemented with the sweet ponzu sauce

pb: this red wine braised ankimo was fucking insane. soft with a texture of tofu, sweet and creamy. best ankimo i’ve ever had. best bite of the night. bite of the year 1.

japanese tiger prawn tempura, umami salt (kelp, mushroom, hokkaido salt)

mb: first semi-miss of the night with an ever so slightly overcooked shrimp and a thin and light batter that isn’t as crispy as I would like (reads Hayato wins here).

#knifework #pickledgingercity #gari

mb: always nice to see your itamae letting your fish come up to temperature before serving them #doesntalwayshappenatinnann

Yohei-san utilizing the kotegaeshi technique


dry aged kinmedai (golden eye snapper)
pb: never had a kinmedai that was so tender

shima-aji (striped jack)

sake (king salmon)

kasugo (baby red snapper)


aji (japanese horse mackerel)
pb: the knife work gave this an incredibly lush mouthfeel.

kuruma-ebi (japanese tiger prawns)
pb: served slightly warm, this was firm and incredibly sweet. highlight of the year 2.

dashi simmered edamame

akami zuke (marinated bluefin tuna)


hokkaido bafun uni

mb: another type of japanese uni. didn’t catch the origin.

more japanese uni (didn’t catch the origin)

miso soup


aori ika (bigfin reef squid)
pb: incredibly soft and creamy

otoro (fatty tuna)

seared nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch)
pb: bursting with fatty oils

himokyu maki - ark shell mantle, cucumber

anago (sea eel)


bonus rounds

kohada (gizzard shad)

mb: the true misstep of the night with the kohada being too aggressively vinegary so much so that it slightly overwhelmed the fish

akagai (japanese ark shell)
pb: another akagai sighting @Chowseeker1999, @Sgee, @beefnoguy, @BradFord. Is it legal now?

kanpyo maki - dried gourd

coconut custard topped with matcha and sweetened japanese black bean
pb: balance

neorest 700H toto

Sushi Ginza Onodera
609 North La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069


I’m gonna go for the Toto and maybe some sushi. Thanks for the awesome report!


highlight alert


Libations menu for @beefnoguy


Did the $300 include any sake?

I always enjoy a @moonboy403 & @PorkyBelly collab! Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing…now I want some ankimo.
Side note…does FTC/Discourse allow video posts now? I’ve tried in the past and the website tells me no. Thanks for the knifework show…how they do it is so amazing.


He converted his videos into a gif file. Time consuming…but he’ll do anything for FTC :wink:


I can only imagine…excellent work, @PorkyBelly!



The true pre t&t price is $250 assuming a 20% tip. It might’ve been outrageous when they first opened 3 years ago but high end prices in LA have caught on and SGO’s pricing is right there with the rest of them.


Nope, but included all you can drink water.


Thanks for the report and the beverage menu!

Some very high markups, x2 retail to x2.5 or thereabouts.

Tatsuriki Yamadaho as it turns out, is offered exclusively to SGO LA, so only they carry it for now. This is the only standout to me.

As expected otherwise, very little in the way of food pairing friendly sake, and way too many higher end Daiginjo grade sake that are more on the fruit forward side with lighter body in general (with some exceptions).

Overall not that surprising of their high end list, at least it is somewhat varied although quite specific in profiles and celebrity status to some degree. The worst offender is Sushi Nagai in San Francisco, a few low end bottles, and 5 that are $700 or higher.

As far as the hot sake goes, their selections are the really cheap low cost, mass produced varietals, with the exception of Kinpou Shizenshu which is natural fermentation (Fukushima) and probably the most interesting of the lot. There are far better offerings for hot sake that pair better from the wholesalers/distributors they are using.


Damn I’ve had Shunji run me over $300pp but that definitely included some nice sakes. Don’t think I ever got close to that at Mori.

Clam season!!! Himokyu maki dang!!

Yeah that ankimo is killer good.

Do they offer the futomaki to-go in WeHo?


Hold up wait a minute, that’s a thing?!

Available in NYC but only to-go. It’s pretty good but $$$ :crazy_face:

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Wow, pretty impressive slicing the ginger!

How much did the bonus pieces cost?

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If I remember correctly, it’s $8, $16, $8 (picture only showed half the maki roll since we split a full one). Service included.

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That definitely ain’t your mama’s futomaki in your bento lunch


Thank you for the wonderful review PB and MB!

I was scrolling down hoping for a bang bang with Raku!