Sushi Ginza Onodera - OOE Omakase

forgot to mention i saw the chefs preparing hosomakis to-go too, so you’re not limited to just a futomaki.

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Was that brown rice with the futomaki or was that just the camera?

@PorkyBelly What a coincidence! One of the last high end meals I had before COVID as well. That Ankimo was definitely amazing. All these pictures of the futomaki are making me regret all the more not getting one to go…

When I went it wasn’t really valet parking. There’s a parking structure for the block and after confirming I was there for SGO, they just told me to drive up and park myself. A pleasant surprise because I always have to make sure I have appropriate bills for tip.

One nice touch when I was there was showing the different kinds of Uni. Ensui (packaged in seawater) vs. not. The level of operation they have there is definitely superb.

A second note, apparently they offer a $150 sake comparison add-on. They weren’t serving sake by the glass when I got there but, when I asked, they brought a separate menu. Basically you can choose 1 ($75) or 2 ($150) half size bottles. The selection is limited but it’s a nice alternative and I thought the picks looked good.

Edit to add photo (Sorry, not sure how to change the orientation):

For those who don’t want to wreck their neck:
Kubota Manju, Junmai Daiginjo
Katsuyama Ken, Junmai Ginjo
Born Tokusen, Junmai Daiginjo
Born Junsui, Junmai Daiginjo
Akagisan, Junmai Ginjo
Dewazakura, Daiginjo


It’s white rice seasoned with yokoi yohei akazu (red vinegar) which gives it that brown color.

Good to know. Brown rice sushi is vile and it sure looked brown to me from the picture. However, it seemed dubious to me that Ginza Sushi Onodera would be doing “marcorbiotic” sushi, but I’m glad you have clarified!

Some background on sake lees vinegar (aged) / akazu, although I got it a little wrong in Feb 2017… akazu is more aromatic and a bit more sweet on the nose and taste than rice vinegar (which gives the rice more punch and sour, accentuated more with salt, but akazu needs salt to draw more nuance out…although some places add sugar).

Shunji and SGO use the exact same brand/bottle of akazu.


Shut down before I could make it there.

Oh well after the storm and carnage.

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It’s good it is being done for safety.

Horrible, horrible if any places have to shutter (for the time being hopefully) because employees actually got hit with it.

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Wish they were reopening for takeout. Still not going for sit down when I open my newspaper this morning and read that there are concerns that L.A. could run out of ICU beds in the next weeks and that the R-naught rate in L.A. had been below 1 in April, but now is well above 1.

And then we have this

Wishes really do come true! :open_mouth:




It looks beautiful, but really does not seem like a lot of food for the price.

Might be worth it if the quality is good. Seeing this teaser made me want sushi tonight and I was too busy to go pick up at Kiriko, which is always reliable, so I ordered delivery from Hamasaku for $55. Yeah, it was “only” $55 for the sashimi/sushi combo omakase, but it was not good. I would rather pay more and get something good or skip it altogether.

I agree. I also had a tough meal from hamakasu. It is not good. At that price point just go with sugarfish.

I’m not a big Sugarfish fan, but yeah I would agree that I would have preferred KazuNori (of which I’m not a big fan either, but I would preferred it to Hamasaku).

Anyone have a sense of what the 3 middle items are?

Looks like kegani, lobster, and some sorta bivalve.

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Did a sushi lunch from Sasabune BH today and you can get a nice sushi meal at $50 from there. For that you get 10 nigiri and a blue crab roll. The only piece I didn’t like was cooked shrimp, which is usually a shitty piece in America anyway. Probably the best option at the $50 price point right now I think.

@Haeldaur was this togo or dine in? Did you take a picture by chance?