Sushi Kashiba - OOE Omakase

The name of the game here is to arrive early to claim one of the 12 seats (6 for the first seating and 6 for the second seating) in front shiro-san at the counter as they don’t take reservations. So it really frosted my cockles when I arrived 2.5 hours early to find 2 parties of 2 already in line and one party “holding” the place for 8 of their friends. Coming back on a different day wasn’t an option so I stayed in line anyway and got seated with an apprentice. The meal was solid but it was like waiting in line to see lin manuel miranda in hamilton but getting an understudy instead.

chu toro - medium fatty tuna

hirame - flounder

madai - sea bream

kinmedai - goldeneye snapper

maguro - lean bluefin tuna

king salmon

sockeye salmon

king salmon belly

yellowtail - hamachi

amberjack - kanpachi

otoro - fatty bluefin tuna

amaebi - spot prawn


mirugai - geoduck

hotate - scallop

uni temaki

taraba - king crab

aji - horse mackerel

sawara - king mackerel

ika uni - squid, uni

shigoku oyster

nishin - herring

ikura - salmon roe


anago - conger eel

unagi - eel

tamago - egg

seared toro

saba - mackerel

zuwai-gani - snow crab

tako - octopus

seared chu toro

ankimo - monkfish liver

geoduck, uni maki


no toto

Sushi Kashiba
86 Pine St
Ste 1
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 441-8844


Sorry about your cockles being frosted, dude.

Just reflecting here… If a high end sushi-ya has a “no reservation” policy, it would assume the itamae has no clue who’s gonna step through the door that night. Now let’s say there’s a regular customer, with certain preferences in their sushi, who decides to stand in line on a given night… There’d be no way the itamae at Kashiba to (1) know that the customer is coming on that night, and (2) be able to prepare in advance for optimizing that regular customer’s experience.

Having said that, how was the shari?

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@PorkyBelly Worth the wait/hype? How was Sushi Kashiba in relation to the LA sushi scene? Also, great job in downing 43+ pieces!

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I didn’t mention four of the six seats for the second seating in front of shiro-san were already allocated for “VIPs”, not sure if they were regulars or just one-time VIPs.

The shari was decently seasoned but I was hoping for a more strongly vinegared rice a la jiro.

I would put sushi kashiba solidly in the mid-tier range in LA, comparable to shunji.

worth the 2.5 hour wait? no.

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