Sushi Kiyosuzu (Arcadia): A Pictorial Essay

Long a mainstay in Arcadia, Sushi Kiyosuzu has garnered much press lately due to the rise of Olympic Team USA figure skater Mirai Nagasu. At time of publication, this two-time Olympian has already won bronze in the Winter Olympics Team Event, and is still in the hunt for gold at Pyeongchang, awaiting the ice dance competition.


Ms. Nagasu’s proud father, Kiyoto-san, is the head chef and owner of Sushi Kiyosuzu. Kiyoto-san’s habit is to select the fish personally at the fish market every morning around 4AM. Legend has it that when Mirai was a young child, the only place to offer child care at that ungodly hour would be figure-skating classes. And thus, a star is born.


Kiyoto-san is a humble man. When one walks into the sushi-ya, there is no mention of his famous daughter, or even any hint of figure skating or press clippings. The restaurant comes first. In fact, when his daughter landed the historic triple Axel at Pyeongchang a few nights back, Kiyoto and his wife Ikuko were busy with orders at the restaurant (they had to watch it on DVR later that night).

We stopped by for lunch. The Mirai roll is named by dad in honor of his daughter. Scallops, tobiko (flying fish roe) and encased in rice, wrapped in salmon, and torched. Delicious.


But, in the words of JGold, what you’re really here for is the Kiyosuzu sashimi lunch special: Remarkably high quality cuts of tuna, yellowtail, halibut, albacore and salmon, served with miso soup, salad, and bottomless bowls of rice. A great deal.


Botan ebi is another dish we ordered, and it did not disappoint.


Mom and Dad plan to put the restaurant on pause and get on a plane to Korea this weekend to go cheer on their daughter in person at Pyeongchang. We wish Kiyoto-san, Ikuko-san, and of course Mirai all the best as she goes for the gold!

Sushi Kiyosuzu
921 S. Baldwin Ave., Suite B
Arcadia, CA 91007


What is the price of that sashimi combo?

Hi @J_L,

Nice review. :slight_smile: We had stopped by here a few years ago when Mirai Nagasu was still competing and less famous. It’s a humble, little Sushi-ya, and glad to see mom and dad quietly working hard to run the restaurant while cheering on their Olympic-bound daughter.