Sushi Pick Up or Delivery

Got Iki Ramen for Friday Night Sushi tonight–it was great.


Creamy and so easy to crush. I wish there was a bit more octopus inside, but it was quality.

Salmon Cucumber Cut Roll

It’s a cut roll. It was trying to do anything special, but I wasn’t expecting much from it either.

Kaisen Don

Great cuts of fish, and I really liked how it came with crab and spicy tuna to mix things up. The ikura was astounding–super flavorful and fresh. The QPR for this is actually pretty insane and that makes it something I’d definitely go back for.

I’d throw it in the Affordable QPR tier because its truly excellent for what you pay.


I was eating a chirashi bowl and realized I hadn’t checked in to see the latest progress on the list and how you liked your visit to Iki Ramen @rlw. Yay, you liked it. :blush:


Murakami Sushi - Melrose Ave (near Milk Bar)

We’ve been enjoying Murakami since @MaladyNelson hipped me to their Chirashi Bowls 3-4 years ago. Miss her! I’d like to nominate it to the Affordable QPR list.

A few quick photos by two hungry peeps…

Build-Your-Own Chirashi Bowl - Spicy Tuna, Crab, Scallop w/Mayo + Masago, Ikura, Fresh Vedge

I was in a spicy, mayo-y mood. :relaxed:

In the days of sit down…

Fresh, quality seafood, thoughtfully prepared & super tasty, at a reasonable price. The shari is not standard issue at all - really nice pearly mouthfeel, light vinegar, light sweet. :blush:

Hubs enjoys the Teriyaki Ribeye & Shishitos…

Hamachi Kama (yellowtail collar)

Hamachi Kama is one of my favorite dishes. No complaints here - broiled, not grilled, but still pretty good. :slightly_smiling_face:

The nigiri and other menu items are all good, but the Chirashi Bowls are the ticket at Murakami, imo. :hearts:


Yeah it was great–I really liked how they threw some different stuff like crab in.

Murakami looks good too. I’ll add that to my list to try also :slight_smile:

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I miss Murakami so much.

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