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Thanks for the report, and welcome to FTC!

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Welcome to FTC!

Thank you for the report! Good to see another Battera fan on here.

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Thanks for sharing, hadn’t seen this shared from them.

I’ve been to the hatchery in Takaka

bottom of the farm outlet

home to Te Waikoropupū Springs - Wikipedia


:flushed: that’s fresh wasabi!

I’ve had Sakae Sushi on my list for a long time, and finally took the time to try it. We ordered one of everything, and enjoyed it all in a nearby office parking lot.

I don’t have much experience with proper battera, but this was incredible. The mackerel and rice were perfectly savory and vinegary. I am tempted to grab some for a snack whenever I’m in the south bay.

I’ve really only had futomaki a few times in my life, probably from 99 Ranch as a kid. I’ve never had a very good impression of it. The offering from Sakae Sushi has opened my eyes. Sweet, savory and just really fun to eat.

Can’t wait to come back. At a dollar a piece, the QPR is off the charts.


Also, nice pics @rlw!

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They been serving the community for a long time. A lot of people order trays for parties, special occasions, holidays, etc.

I used to grab a box, grab coffee, than head to the beach.

We have a whole thread for Battera if you are interested


It’s a little forgotten gem from another era, I absolutely adore Sakae!



Sushi Miyagi

Slowly working my way through all the sushi delivery options in my area. Last weekend was Sushi Miyagi’s omakase lunch special. Curiously, it was available for $36 online but is listed as $45 per their packaging.

The first thing you notice is that each piece is body temperature, which is certainly by design but a little strange on a warm day. Second, almost all of them are cut extremely well. The bluefin tuna has a deep flavor and a very pleasant texture. The hotate has a nice firmness compared to some that I’ve had recently. The butterfish is excellent, a rich and savory umami bomb.

Unfortunately, the toro was a disaster. A piece that should be rich and buttery instead has a tough spot on the side like a muscle. I wish I were exaggerating, but I had to chew it for a few seconds. That is not a pleasant experience for any piece of sushi, especially one as prized as toro.

Glad I tried Sushi Miyagi, but unfortunately the toro really ruined the experience.

Chef Sugishita’s Chirashi + Bento

My mom has been wanting to try Chef Sugishita’s bento for months, and we were able to coordinate with his occasional Sunday delivery to Orange County.

Just awesome. This is my first time having the bento, and you can tell a ton of care goes into every inch of the box. My mom especially enjoyed the tofu puree, and smaller items like the daikon stems and eggplant feel like nice little amuses. The uni and ikura futomaki steals the show, and was unquestionably the best item of the night.

The chirashi is a common sight on FTC, but was an eye-opening experience for my mom. Lots of wow’s during the entire meal. The price of the chirashi did go up from $70 to $80, but you now get more premium ingredients like bafun uni and toro. They are both delicious as expected. The tamago is excellent as always, and is reason enough to order one.


Great report! Bummed to hear about the lousy toro from Sushi Miyagi. I went earlier this year for a work birthday lunch to try and get some of their battera, but they didn’t have any mackerel at the time, so I settled for the lunch nigiri that I quite enjoyed. Hopefully just an off day from them.

I especially love what Chef Sugishita’s doing with his bentos. I haven’t had one in a few weeks, but it looks like he has changed it up since my last time. I’ll definitely have to check it out again soon!


probably sinews and gristle

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Chef Sugishitas bentos are such a wonderful way of eating these days!! Love everything about his bento boxes. A nice addition to know he’s a gaucho alumni like me! I highly recommend getting a box from him if you haven’t already.


Best bite alert - I just had my best bite of the year (not of quarantine, of the year, maybe the last couple of years) – cold uni soup from Kiriko, topped with tomato jelly (the tomato apparently coming from Ken-san’s backyard garden).

I have had some pretty good meals these last couple of years, from coast to coast, but the uni soup topped them all, and during quarantine yet! I guess cold soup is one dish that is not going to suffer from take out.

I also got a chirashi bowl with crunchy negitoro (with $10 supplement of uni and ikura), which I also got last weekend and which was delicious.

For good measure, since I know I won’t want to go out Saturday in the heat, I picked up a bento to eat tomorrow, although I ate the (very good) tempura from the bento today because I know that you can’t keep tempura overnight.

Kiriko keeps touting mango pudding on its Facebook page, but during quarantine I sadly developed a toxic co-dependent relationship with sugar, so we have quit each other for awhile and I haven’t been able to try the mango pudding.


I should add that for anyone who wants to upgrade their takeout sushi experience, wherever they order their sushi, I ordered Kamebishi three years brewed soy sauce on Amazon and it is a vast improvement over those plastic soy sauce packets (which in any case I always struggle to open). It’s the small pleasures of life during pandemic.


Their mango pudding is all right, but you’ve hit the jackpot with that uni soup.

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I tried Sushi Tsujita for the first time - delivery via Postmates. I was a little underwhelmed by the $50 sushi assortment (pictured) and wished I had driven to Kiroko instead. The ikura and uni weren’t bad, but everything else was meh. And for $50, I was starving afterwards. Even if I had been prescient and knew it wouldn’t be enough, there was no option to add on pieces a la carte. No chopsticks and no soy sauce – I happened to have both at home, but some people might not.


Picked up from the still relatively new Sushi Tama last night.

I went with the 10 piece nigiri omakase, which ran up $45. Overall, it was good–not great–with the best bites coming from the mackerel (duh), otoro, and ikura. For the money, the QPR is there I guess, but I’d really only do it again if I’m in the area and really want sushi.


That would be me. It’s between office & home. I tried to go the other day but their hours didn’t jibe with mine.

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Pick up was super easy as they have a loading zone out front. Beautifully designed restaurant too–for when dine in eventually opens up.

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