Sushi Pick Up or Delivery


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In Sherman Oaks and want sushi. Where am I going?

I have never been personally but a lot of people always mention Shin Sushi as a favorite.


Cool, I haven’t been either but wanting to go. Thanks!

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order through tock


I’m waiting for it right now! :blush:

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Since I know very little about sushi, what is the mackerel a "duh’ for being one of the best bites? Is it mackerel season?

The “duh” was purely based on personal preference—I just love mackerel :grin:


Thanks for the report. I was really wanting to try Sushi Tama but it’s bit inconvenient for me, and based on your report, I’m not sure I will bother. I too love saba!

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Shin Sushi - Encino

I was kinda’ sorta’ close to the vicinity and always have the thought of What food have I read about on FTC that can be incorporated into this jaunt? Sushi was on my mind. I’ve read in regular times Shin has a strict reservation-only policy, but with the alternate world of Covid I figured things were more lax. I phoned from the parking lot and was informed “no rolls“ (I get that forewarning a lot :slightly_smiling_face:) and only 3 sets to choose from. I said all is fine and they said come on in! It is just the friendly, owner-chef, Taketoshi Azumi, and a sweet helpmate.

Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai “Southern Beauty

This award winning sake is semi-dry, soft, clean, but lush w/a slightly sweet-rice, marshmallow flavor and a fruity creaminess which always reminds me of banana in sake, I got a dash of pepper too. Delicious! :blush:

Miso Soup

Looks plain but is packed with long-cooked seafood, briney, salty, bonito flavors! :hearts:

Omakase Sushi Box

No carmakase or close-ups. I needed to get it back over the hill and on the table within an hour as instructed. Of course, dine-in nigiri is optimum and I look forward to sitting at Take-san’s counter, but Shin’s neta & shari are so enjoyable nonetheless. I didn’t get a chance to savor as usual but iirc the highlights for me - tunas, ikura, marinated salmon, scallop, kanpachi (loved) & sea eel (a little soft but flavorful), the uni got melty but was sweet, creamy & delicious, ebi nigiri was nice, compact & fresh.

Regular Chirashi

Nothing regular about this! :blush: Everything is baby-bite-sized, lol, but melt in your mouth delicious, and the shari is spot-on and flavored really well (maybe on the sweet side for some but I’m no expert). Travelled perfectly. :hearts:

Beverage Selection

Thanks Food Talkers! :sake: :sushi:


Brought home the deluxe chirashi from Sushi ii. I don’t have a lot to say, aside from every bite being phenomenal.


How was the shari?

The shari is very good, with a subtle vinegar profile and ideal temperature. I would describe it as ‘delicate,’ compared to other examples that are heartier. It also doesn’t clump together as easily as some chirashi tends to do, which may also be due to the layer of rice being thinner than I’m used to.



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