Sushi Sho - OOE Omakase

sushi sho is the best omakase i’ve had outside of japan.

on the seventh floor of the ritz-carlton residences, legendary chef nakazawa-san utilizes traditional edomae techniques while seamlessly incorporating local ingredients to create a wholly unique omakase. the teate, or prep work, (aging, marinating, curing, steaming) by him and his team is incredible. the technique, creativity and execution are flawless.

the sushi sho style that nakazawa-san pioneered is on full display: otsumami which are usually served before the nigiri are instead interspersed throughout the meal, new batches of rice (seasoned for a specific type of neta) are brought before each nigiri course, and his masterful use of aging fish.

nakazawa-san who reportedly said no to michelin, deserves at least two stars, if not three and is worth a special journey @TheCookie @Chowseeker1999, @Hungrydrunk, @Sgee, @A5KOBE, @NYCtoLA, @JeetKuneBao, @attran99, @butteredwaffles, @foodshutterbug.

Reservations open up 6 months in advance, phone only. If you can’t get a reservation, their excellent chirashi bowl might be the next best thing.

ika meshi
lau lau
copper river salmon
iwashi maki
dungeness crab
grilled opa belly


pickled hearts of palm, gari

shigoku oysters (washington state), yuzu, wine

poke 3 ways hawaiian ahi, onaga, and banana leaf smoked salmon

ika meshi - stuffed squid with rice and hearts of palm

mirugai (geoduck), three year aged red vinegar, watercress

santa barbara uni, kelp broth

giant clam mirugai geoduck, maui onion

aged akami (lean bluefin tuna)

copper river salmon

lau lau, salmon and opa cheek, taro leaf, asparagus sauce, bonito jelly

san francisco dungeness crab, kani miso, oboro

live lobster marinated in shaoxing wine for 1 week


taro tofu, herring roe

big island abalone, liver

sardine roll, local cucumber, ginger, shiso leaf

steamed santa barbara uni cured in kelp

local pickled cherry tomato

grilled opa belly, big island finger lime

temaki - uni, salmon, herring roe

aged toro

ohagi - toro taku hawaiian style with macadamia nuts and maui onions

ankimo, three year pickled baby watermelon (nari, japan)

smoked takuan (pickled daikon), fermented rice

sayori (halfbeak)






cherry stone clam (cape cod)

buri aged 10 days

seared toro

maguro suimono (clear broth) with negi

hawaiian moi, fermented and pickled for three weeks in vinegar and rice

isaki (rockfish) kobujime

kanpyo (rear), aloha kanpyo (green papaya, local tofu skin, local cucumber, pickled radish)

kyoto/osaka style tamago with clam broth (left), tokyo style tamago with taro, potato, shrimp (right)

kuzukiri (iced arrowroot noodles), kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup)

molokai sea salt, milk ice cream

pineapple ice cream

mango sorbet


Sushi Sho
383 Kalaimoku St
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 729-9717


So amazing! This means I need to go to HI without my family or ditch them for a dinner alone.




This is seriously so inspiring today! So nice to see a sit down experience, like its any other day


Taking a bathroom picture with a large mirror reflection without you being in it confirms that you are a vampire.


Funny! Good eye @J_L.

I cannot stop looking at these photos @PorkyBelly!

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Were any of these add-on requests?

everything after the smoked takuan (excluding the tamago and desserts) were supplements.

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Awesome! Did you try all the available supplements or did you have to “tap out”?
Also, did you stay at the Ritz? Wondering if having a room there helps with securing a reservation.

I think I ate everything Keiji-san had to offer on the night I went, and left very sated. As I recall, rezzies were tough but not impossible - you just have to be persistent with phone calls. Not sure if it helps if you stay at the Ritz-Carlton, but I think any good concierge in Honolulu can assist you in this manner. I needed neither a concierge nor my AmEx services to assist for securing my seat.


yep, i got OOE, plus a bonus uni.

i did not. As long as you plan ahead i don’t think reservations were that difficult, i.e. seats aren’t immediately booked when the six month reservation window opens.
I called about three months in advance and I would guess they were about half booked for the week I asked about. It may take a few tries to get through on the phone but they’ll eventually will pick up.

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sushi sho to-go


I’m going in August. Might not be able to go for dinner because I don’t know how I’m gonna ditch my own family. I hope this box is still an option.


I’m not sure if it will be or not but be sure to call early in an attempt to reserve they regularly sell out weekly.

Also try to ditch your family if they are ok with it because it’s definitely worth it for dinner!


Hahaha. Sounds like me when I was planning a trip to Hawaii. I started looking up babysitting options and calling up hotel concierge to offload the kids for 3 hours. As you might have guessed we never made it to Sushi Sho or GSO.

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