Sushi Yoshizumi - OOE Omakase

A friend and I met @BradFord and @beefnoguy for dinner at this unassuming 9-seat sushi bar, next to a caltrain railroad crossing in downtown san mateo, and simply put, as caltrain rumbled outside, I had one of the best omakase experiences in cali. Temperature, seasoning, rice, and packing (saw some sighing/sinking sushi) were all excellent. @Chowseeker1999, @moonboy403, @Sgee, @J_L a must visit in the bay area.

Some of my favorites

  • nodoguro
  • geoduck
  • ankimo
  • bonito
  • shiro amadai
  • bo zushi
  • kohada
  • kuruma ebi
  • sawara
  • hamaguri
  • tairagai
  • anakyu temaki
  • kanpyo-uni maki

i want to thank @beefnoguy for making the arrangements and sharing his favorite sushi spot with us and @BradFord for suggesting sushi yoshizumi in the first place.

Captions courtesy of @beefnoguy.

Tis the season for sperm #gotmilt?

mirugai himo (geoduck) with sesame oil and tokyo negi stems

nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch)

ikura, shari, shaved modori

modori katsuo (bonito)

botan ebi, hokkaido uni, shiso flowers (in his secret marinade)
Slimier than a used car salesman in florida on presidents day.

chawanmushi topped with konowata (sea cucumber guts)

miyagi saba bousushi
Damn why don’t more places make this?

shirakawa (aka shiro amadai) sakamushi (steamed with sake and konbu)
Insane texture, firm but still melted in your mouth.

So silky and smoother than the bottom of james brown’s shoes.

mozuku with shiso flowers


kawahagi with liver on top

sawara zuke


kinmeda (lightly smoked and zuke)

Ine honmaguro zuke (Ine is NW of Kyoto, in Kyoto prefecture facing the sea, wild bluefin)

Wow, as good as the ones i had in japan.

chutoro (Ine maguro)

chiba prefecture ni hamaguri (also called Ji Hama, Ji meaning local)
Never had this outside japan, sweet, juicy, chewy.

sumi ika (aged five days)

hokkaido uni

sanma (pacific saury) lightly smoked and I’m guessing zuke

tairagai (pen shell)
Slightly firmer than hotate and just as sweet.

ohagi (this is chopped Ine maguro mixed in with takuan and tokyo negi stems, based on the Sushi Sho Tokyo original offering)
Another new one for me, like a toro-taku maki in nigiri form, so good.

Yoshizumi san

anakyu (anago and cucumber) temaki
the nori was crispier than that burnt french fry you find at the bottom of your bag.

Ara jiru (a broth made with mixed fish head and carcass)


tekka maki
not the best looking tekka maki, but it was getting late.

kanburi (winter wild yellowtail) aged two weeks

buri (dorsal cut) aged two weeks, wagarashi (Japanese mustard)

kanpyo uni hosomaki



Sushi Yoshizumi
325 E 4th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 437-2282


Was this the yohei or the yoshi?

That looks spectacular! How is it compared to LA favorites like Shunji, Shin, and Mori? Also, what’s the damage?

It was an excellent meal, and a great time; thanks @porkybelly and @beefnoguy! @PorkyBelly, so glad you enjoyed and that the bo-zushi (that started it all) was worth it.


@robert we had the Yoshi Omakase

@BradFord @PorkyBelly fantastic meal and company! So glad this all happened!

The shirako was supreme! Really good texture (outer layer) and inner cream…

Possible the nogoduro was aged, wish I had asked. Most of the fish we had were as well to varying degrees.

Yoshizumi’s kohada is actually better than a lot of places I went to in Tokyo.

The secret marinade for a famous instagrammer was shaoxing wine, but having been there so many times I have not seen him use it for this preparation, and to be honest shaoxing wine has this almost Madeira like quality which was absent in the sauce (which had more umami and soy sauce based qualities to it) of the preparation we had. Absolutely stellar interplay of textures

@PorkyBelly 's tekka maki looks like it has akami and a little bit of toro on it…wow. Likely Ine maguro too. Well worth the add on for sure.

The dorsal cut of the winter yellowtail looks like the belly instead of the belly cut lol. So fatty.

The dessert was Daiginjo sake lees mousse with yuzu gelee.

@moonboy403 I don’t speak for the others, and never been to Shin but I can honestly say Sushi Yoshizumi is entirely at another level of supreme satisfaction compared to the places you listed and probably dance circles around them. Even with that said I do really enjoy Mori and Shunji for what they do which surpasses a majority of the San Francisco Bay Area sushi omakase eateries (including some of the other 1 Michelin star rated ones).



Your Ryu was so good with this. It had just enough weight for all that slipperiness.


I guess I’ll have to make another trip to SF next year :yum:

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks for the great report. Wow, this is impressive and it looks and sounds wonderful! :slight_smile: That Ohagi looks fantastic.

And I’d definitely want to stop by next time if you’re saying it’s better than Mori Sushi and Shunji. But @beefnoguy, you never put Yoshizumi at the top of your SF recommendations to me last year! :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

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This is sick!! :point_up:

That yellowtail dorsal sounds mighty tasty, is it kinda like engawa texturally?

Wooohoooo looks awesome, love the variety of ingredients. On my list next time I’m in SF.

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Yoshi plus supplements.

Oh, how fun!

Pardon my acronym ignorance, but what does OOE stand for?

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Okay, thanks. I looked it up and saw quite a few meanings - that answer looked the most applicable, but I still wasn’t sure. :slight_smile:

One Of Everything aka gluttony or indecisiveness.

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Yes, I have that affliction too.


I am seriously jealous of those of you who are close enough to Yoshizumi to go semi-regularly. I would trade 99% of the sushi joints in NYC for this place.

That’s why I like tasting menus. :joy:

I must be retaining somethings, because I thought the same thing when looking at the photo.

Hilarious, you chowhounds wore out the chef.

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From what I remember it was soft, fatty, and buttery, so nothing like engawa.

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