Szechuan Food Festival by Hop Woo Restaurant

Both were absolutely delicious! This was a wonderful food event. So grateful to Hop Woo and Yang for doing this to help FTC.


Man, so bummed I couldn’t make this!

Here are my photos from the event:

Dan Dan Noodle

Cold Marinated Pork Belly

Hot & Spicy Chicken (Cold)

Sauteed Winter Melon with Mushrooms

Toothpick Lamb

Fish Fillet in Hot & Sour Broth

Beef in Hot & Spicy Broth

Hot & Spicy Crab with Chili

Not pictured: Mapo Tofu, Griddled Cauliflower

Overall impressions: good food! I generally found it to be seasoned, but not terribly spicy, and certainly not as spicy or numbing as The Legendary Restaurant in Alhambra. I don’t know how they decided on the spice level, but only the fish had much in the way of mala and even then I found it to be rather muted compared to what I’m used to at The Legendary Restaurant or Best Noodle House. Still, it was good food! I’d say there’s legitimate Sichuan food on the Westside, but since I’m closer to DTLA I’ll continue to head east to the 626 all day, every day.


Thank you for joining us at the Modern Szechuan Food Festival! Most of our food are mild or normal spicy. You can always ask for extra spicy if you want.



Is your new menu available now?

How are the dan dan noodles?

Yes. They have a separate Szechuan menu that you might have to ask for. BTW, nice id icon; I used to live there when I was a boy.


Griddle Cauliflower




I took such a small portion, as I’m not much of a cold noodle guy to be honest; I’d have to have a proper order of them to really form an opinion. Maybe someone else can chime in?

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I went back Wed night with friends, and the spice and numbing levels were much higher. Not sure if they toned things down for the festival in case some people may not like their Sichuan too spicy.

They were tasty but nothing especially great. The noodles weren’t mushy as is so often the case.
Personally, I prefer more oil and heat and “porkiness” in my DDM.

DDM seems to me like a dish that can be prepared in a myriad of ways (kind of like “pasta”) with the same name. There are so many versions and interpretations of the dish that you never know what you are going to get when it is ordered/served to you. I’ve had it in so many places in the States and China - always slightly (or very) different. This was more like the “cold noodle with sesame sauce” version.


Thanks! Your take on it mirrored my impression of the few small bites I had.