Szechuan Food Festival by Hop Woo Restaurant

Hi, I am Yang from Hop Woo restaurant. I bring the new Szechuan food to Hop Woo, a local restaurant at 11110 W Olympic Blvd, 90064. We deeply appreciate Food Talk Central for letting people know about us!
We wish to host a Szechuan Food Festival at our restaurant. We want to introduce not only traditional Szechuan food but also modern Szechuan food. The food is free at the festival however we accept donations and we will give all the donations to the Food Talk Central platform to make it a better foodie community.
I appreciate your opinions regarding this Szechuan Food Festival!


Introduction to Traditional Szechuan Food and Modern Food

The traditional Szechuan Food is more about Mala (spicy and numbing), such Mapo Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken and Boiled Fish in Chili Oil.


The modern Szechuan Food is more about the use of better ingredients. Modern Szechuan Food uses Mala to create a flavorful and adventurous taste of prime ingredients however Mala is not the sole of the modern Szechuan Food.

For example, this is the Grilled cauliflower.

There is only one type of cauliflower that can be used for this dish.


The star of modern Szechuan food

Youmen Live Crawfish is the most popular dish in China right now. We want to introduce Youmen style to American people. We also create Youmen Live Blue Crab which is a fusion of American ingredients and the most popular Chinese cooking style. I am very impressed by the wonderful seafood in American. The Youmen Live Blue Crab is even better than Youmen Live Crawfish and you can ONLY HAVE IT IN THE U.S.

We invited Uber Eats drivers to try the Youmen Style and they liked it. If you like seafood and can have a little spicy food, or if you are a Boiling Crab fan, Youmen Style may be a must try for you:grinning:


Where do you source your live blue crab? Is it real blue crab or Asian swimmer crab?

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Oh this should be fun!

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Sometimes, we need to visit many supermarkets in SGV to get live blue crabs.

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This sounds fantastic! Thank you so much; looking forward to learning more!


When would the festival be?

Love your mapo tofu with brains!

We want to make it 12:30 pm during lunch time July 22nd. We will post a google form to give an invitation later. People who works for FTC please give me your bank information or Venmo account so that people can make a donation on google form.

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For anyone who is interested in joining the Modern Szechuan Food Festival, please fill out this invitation form:grinning:
Modern Szechuan Food Festival Invitation Form

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It will be held on Sunday, July 22th, 2018 at 12:30 pm at Hop Woo Restaurant. I have attached the invitation form in the reply!

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Thanks Yang…looking forward to it.

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@yanghopwoo thank you! I’m also away that weekend, but thank you for thinking of us! I love your new menu!

Hi, isn’t this in 2 days? I haven’t heard any updates…

The invitation form link now states that all spots have been reserved.

Thank you so much for organizing this event, @yanghopwoo !! I had a great time, and I can’t wait to post my pictures and thoughts later.

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It was really nice and delicious.
Fun to meet some FTCers and a few Yelpers too.
No crawfish but excellent blue crab with a bewitching sauce.

Here are some pics - I definitely missed taking shots of the Griddled Cauliflower and maybe some others - there was quite a lot of food.

Sliced Pork Belly

Dan Dan Noodles

Mixed Fruit Plate

Cold Spicy Chicken

Mapo Tofu with Pig Brain

Water Boiled Beef

Water Boiled Green Fish

Blue Crab


Shit! I didn’t get a picture of the cauliflower, either, but I did get one of the sliced winter melon with mushrooms as well as the toothpick lamb. I’ll try to post tomorrow…

How were the water boiled beef and blue crabs?