Taco Maria - Luxe Mexican

Quick word of warning: Taco Maria’s website suggests that walking in is possible, though unlikely.

But they aren’t taking walk ins in general. Don’t waste your time and try popping in without a reservation.

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Peony: Interesting place. Definitely has its own character. Some of the dishes were really excellent, However, the dishes were not consistent. We had a couple of dishes that weren’t so interesting or well-executed. I see potential in the chef and hope they can create more dishes like the guinea hen.

Warrior: 6.5 Warrior Points. The guinea hen was the best fowl I recall eating this year.

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Better than Damian?
What is the wine situation - how is the wine list?

We both like it much more than Damian, but we’re lukewarm on Damian. I would say the last three courses (smoked albacore taco, guinea hen, arroz con leche) were better than anything I’ve eaten at any Mexican restaurant in the LA area, and the guinea hen would be a highlight on Manzke’s tasting menu. Peony didn’t like the taco because she found the roasted tortilla too hard, but I found it exquisite – the best taco I’ve ever had, easily.

The wine list was good – maybe about 15 whites and 15 reds. The pictured Barbaresco was their third most expensive red. (They also had a grand cru Burgundy and a Vega Sicilia Unico.) Good variety in terms of body and acidity. Their wine pairings look good as well – several wines I’ve tried and like.

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yeah the hard tortilla is a trademark. i adore it

Tried Taco Maria last weekend - fantastic restaurant, enjoyed it very much. Excellent food and service. Every single dish was a hit, no misses. Smoked albacore taco is declicousand was our favorite! Paired with Domaine Huet Clos du Bourg Sec Vouvray which carried us very well through the whole savory part of the menu.


Glad you liked it!

The Clos du Bourg Sec is easily the best Vouvray I’ve tasted, over multiple vintages, and it’s not terribly expensive. That’s the kind of wine I like to see on wine lists.