Tacos de Pulpo Enchilado

Do we have any mariscos trucks here in LA/OC that have spicy grilled octopus tacos like this one that I had at the Mariscos El Pescador truck down in Chula Vista? It was so good. TIA!

Not a truck but will a restaurant suffice?

If so, then get thee to Petty Cash

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Playas De Tijuana Xolo

A mariscos truck in Santa Ana might have what you are looking for

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Yeah, a restaurant is fine, too. I looked at Petty Cash’s menu and their grilled octopus taco sounds great. Thanks, Ipse!

Great! I’ll check that out next time I’m in the area. Thank you!

Holbox also has good octopus taco. It was a bit sweet due to the addition of some fruit (I can’t remember what fruit) but a magnificent few bites notwithstanding my surprise at the sweet notes.

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Yeah, I’ve had the Holbox one. While good, it just didn’t compare to this Chula Vista one, imo. :grimacing:

I would not recommend the petty cash octopus taco. It was chewy and had an overpowering smelly seafood flavor, unlike any octopus I’ve ever had. Aside from the drinks I wouldn’t recommend anything at petty cash.

You can get a way better taco at the ever-present taco trucks/stands at 1/4 the cost.

But I did love the holbox taco, super tender and seafoody (the right way) with the it’s own ink

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Still looking for a taco like this in LA, if anyone has any new intel. :grin:

And yes, I’ve tried the one at Holbox but I’m looking for something grilled and very spicy.

I may try to make them.

Why do you always feel the need to reply with irrelevant bullshit?


Have you tried Mariscos Rosarito


I don’t give a shit where you live. I posted this on the LOS ANGELES board because I am obviously looking for this in the LOS ANGELES area. If I wanted to make it myself, then I would post about it on the goddamn HOME COOKING board.

Edit: Looks like catholivers reply was deleted so guess I’m talking to myself.


Thanks for the rec, @ipsedixit. I’ll check it out.


Raise your hand if you’ve never lost your temper with @catholiver.

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Golly gee, I usually only piss off Republicans :slight_smile:

I made the comment because poster had been looking for a year for the dish.

@robert is there a blocking feature for individual posters? I’ve learned to “avert my eyes.” :smile:

yea the octopus taco is the only one i remember being good enough for the $9 price tag

lol… @thechez5 needs a joint

I like the tortillas at Petty Cash. But, yeah, everything there is about 30% too expensive.

Definitely need more than petty cash to dine well at Petty Cash.

Yea it’s fine. Rich people need food too. It’s just weird for me to only have been once to a place i can walk to. I think I prefer Anaya every time even though no pulpo


Bizarra Capital has a pulpo en mojo verde. Order side of tortillas and make your own tacos.

Not the same, but not too be missed. It may be one of the best octopus dishes in the city. The octopus is grilled so at least that meets some criteria, and it is pretty damn spicy.


And don’t forget and order of their amazing chimichangas.



I have eaten this. It is the best octopus I’ve ever had. I have fever dreams about it every so often.


Thank you! That looks amazing. @FoodRogue actually messaged me about that same dish the other day, too. I will check it out soon.

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