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For those who remember, Hide-san from his previous stint at Sushi Tsujita, he is now doing private catering and take out meals. Most recently he has started doing bara chirashi and other items such as grilled eel and futomaki for pick up.

I was a big fan of Hide-san from the Sushi Tsujita days, the excellent sushimeshi and traditional edomae style. So when I found out he was doing take out, I pounced sooner rather than later.

Ordered the platinum bara chirashi :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and it brought back instant memories of that wonderful chirashi at the height of Sushi Tsujita. From the super high quality ingredients to the beautifully seasoned rice, and some twists as well. Most notably the addition of super fine cut shiso leaf, pickled kanpyo, and marinated young ginger. This was one excellent chirashi, my favorite to date during pandemic take out. Even his infamous castella style tamagoyako was expertly done.

The neta was already seasoned so I didn’t feel the need to use any of the shoyu given. The two different gari were excellent, the young ginger had a nice sharp bite. Fresh grated wasabi of course, and even some finely cut nori mixed in.

This particular platinum bara chirashi came with:

My only regret was not ordering it last week which featured the nodoguro. I will be ordering from Takeda Sushi again and again.

Definitely hit him up on Instagram or email.



Call in a day in advance your order and he will give you instructions for meet up location. And @J_L cash only! Pick up in West LA.

@beam @NYCtoLA I know you both were fans of Hide-san so a great way to get a taste of his skills again and a great fuckin meal. He is very humble and grateful for purchasing his take out and he remembered me from past meals.


just opened a permanent location in the former mako sushi on the third level of weller court.



Yes, this means a more expansive menu!

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