Taqueria Periban (South El Monte)

If you enjoy carnitas, you have to come to Taqueria Periban.

The Jefe here is so serious about their carnitas that they sell it only by the pound, or increments thereof. If you have a self-control, I suppose 1/2 pound will suffice, but really, do yourself a favor and get at least a pound. A full 2 pounds if you come dressed in a toga.

The menudo, more like a pancita, is weekend only, and also very good.

The tacos, either a surtido or a nana, are outstanding as well.

Taqueria Periban
2129 Chico Ave
South El Monte


I’ll have to bookmark this for a bang-bang the next time I’m in the neighborhood for Gioia Cheese. Thanks!

Edit: upon further review, it looks like they close at either 3:30PM weekdays and 2:30PM on weekends…visits to Gioia must be scheduled properly for a bang-bang. Also bring cash unless you want to use the house ATM.

And get there early, cuz if they run out, they run out.

Then you’re just sort of left with choosing between very decent nachos (that are nearly impossible to eat because the onions are not diced, but simply laid on intact like Olympic rings) or a hamburger (that strangely reminds me of a long-lost orphaned child of Father’s Office).


I tried this place a whole ago, the carnitas were mighty tasty.

Thanks for the tip on the weekends!

I might swing by after Longo seafood! My husband loves carnitas, and excellent versions are so rare!!

I see they have buche - any chance you tried?

No, but if you do, do tell.

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Thanks for the tip. Can you get the carnitas with the burger? With nachos on the side, you can try everything?

Thanks for this. Hit them for breakfast last week on my way to Vegas. No crowds on a weekday and easy quick hit for a bite then back on the 10.

Started with four tacos, two carnitas, a surtido and a buche. I thought the carnitas were tasty but on the dry side. But the surtido with the various cuts was well balanced. I liked the buche enough to get another taco and also a cuero one for a second round. I liked the red salsa too, didn’t try their green even though it was offered.

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Next time you have a carnitas urge on the way to Vegas, hit up Carnitas Al Estilo Michoacan in Ontario. This place has delicious carnitas, a tad salty, and a very fat cutting while still delicious salsa verde to accompany your tacos. I got a family meal with mixed carnitas and two carnitas y cueritos tacos, which is a pretty good amount of food. I can eat two tacos, maybe three if I was really hungry. The family meal comes with a nice amount of carnitas, tortillas, a good amount of salsa verdes, rice, and beans.

They also have an large rack of chicharrones and the refried beans have a definitely pork fat flavor, much stronger than most refried beans.

Carnitas Al Estilo Michoacan - Ontario CA


I wish I knew about this place when I lived in the area.

I tried the carnitas. I will stick with El Abajeno. They were too healthy. Bland. They needed some lard and salt. The workers there were really nice tho and let me sample the skin and stomach. I got carnitas only tho. I’m glad I tried it.