Tasting menu in Oakland?

Is there anything comparable to Commonwealth in the East Bay?
Or I would take a good omakase rec in the East Bay as well.

I love Commis. Like, a lot.

While I wouldn’t generally compare Commis to Commonwealth, I love them both. I’d not hesitate to recommend it if you can get a reservation. It is probably my favorite “tasting menu” anywhere, although I’m not much of a tasting menu guy.

Commis is the one restaurant of that style in Oakland. Good value compared with the SF places.

Greater East Bay, there’s also Michael Warring in Vallejo.

@robert: Not really a tasting menu per se, but what is your take on Haven? Has always piqued my interest.

I’ve liked all my meals at Haven, but I haven’t been since Charlie Parker moved to Alfred’s.

I had a really good meal at Haven a few months back, and found it to be an excellent value for the quality and quantity. I think it works best with a group of four. Reminding me a pick of the old Plum, and the early days of Haven. But I have always been a fan of the DP group restaurants.

Speaking of Plum, Plum Bar now has a three/four-course family-style prix-fixe for $18/24.