Tasting Menu Restaurants

A number of excellent ‘tasting menu’ only restaurants such as Somni and Trios Mec and other restaurants offering a tasting menu option have either closed temporarily or permanently in the past year.
Providence (tasting menu only) and Alexander steakhouse (tasting menu option) have currently re-open and offering tasting menu. What else is available?

orsa & winston
le comptoir

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Bicyclette (tasting menu coming soon)



Damn, he has a cheese shop.

republique on certain days

République is only on Thursdays. Sign up for their E-mail blasts to get menu updates weekly.

The new Restaurant at Bicyclette will be strictly a tasting menu.

are they still doing Thursday tasting menus? I haven’t seen one recently.


I thought so…but I could be wrong. If I don’t plan on going, I just delete the E-mails and it’s been a busy few weeks.

Haven’t been for ages but the Spago TM is certainly still a thing. Actually, it’s the thing that started the whole TM thing in LA if I am not mistaken.

The French Laundry started the tasting menu thing in 1996. Spago might have been the first LA restaurant to do a knockoff, just as it was the first to knock off Chez Panisse Cafe. Anyway they had one by 1998.