Temecula - Quick and Easy

Heading out that way for the next round of play for our kid’s soccer team. One game at 12PM on Saturday, with more on Sunday if they win in sudden death play
Any recs for cheap and quick eats in the neighborhood? The tournament is Galway Downs just a few minutes away from Rancho California and all the wineries.
I’ve been to Public, and while that’s good, it’s certainly very busy. Looking for a place to get in and out without much fuss.

Assuming you are going up the 15, and then the 79, consider Baja’s Catch for Mexican or Devil Dogs for (what else?) wieners and sausages.

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This is perfect, @ipsedixit! I have a feeling that hot dogs are in my future on Saturday afternoon. Thanks!

There is also Stadium Pizza, but only for the garlic cheese bread add pepperoni and dipped in a side of pepperchini juice.

Don’t get anything else!

I have no input but we are going for a few days in July. I’d personally much rather go up to Paso but we’re going with a few couples.

Any suggestions on best wineries to visit and any places to eat down there? We are coming from North OC so we’ll likely be taking the 91 to the 15.

In my 5 trips down that way, I’ve not found any reds (my favorite) that can hold up with the Napa I keep in stock. I do like the rosé at Hart…goes great with Thai food.
Public House is great for a casual dinner and they have a good selection of cocktails and beer.

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