Tentenyu Culver City

Visited Tentenyu’s new restaurant in Culver City last night, during its soft opening. It was busy, but not crazy, probably because it was a Sunday night.

Mushroom Ramen, with egg.

This is an excellent mushroom broth. Very flavorful and clear (chin tan?). The vegetables were a wee bit undercooked for my taste, but good quality, fresh and generous. The egg was very good. I tasted the yolk with the tip of my chopstick and it was so rich and yolky. The noodles were thin and flat and nicely toothsome.

I also ordered some food to take home for the boy and his friends.

  • Chicken Kara age, which as very good: juicy and crisp, a light breading and, once again, generous portions.

  • California rolls, also very good. Crisp nori (even after the ride home), very balanced mayo-fish, excellent, fresh rice.

  • Gyoza: Excellent, juicy and flavorful filling, but a bit doughy and greasy for my taste.

  • Toripaitan Ramen with egg. This is the basic ramen bowl. It includes several slices of lean chasu, bean sprouts and onions. The noodles are thin and round; they are chewy and well-cooked. The broth is very flavorful and light. I much prefer it to tonkotsu.

Grand Opening Menu

The menu is bigger than the Sawtelle location, and they seem to hitting it right out of the gate. Also, the space is cute, airy and spacious feeling, although it’s not very big. Dark wood, big windows that open, little plants on the tables, an open kitchen and two televisions for sports. The people that work there are friendly and attentive without being intrusive, and very patient with all the gaijin.