That was Fast

So it seems Mess Hall that full service restaurant in Liberty Station is changing course, ditching full service, adopting counter service (to be more like the rest of the place) and breaking itself into 3 concepts. What was that? 6 months? Poof…

Huh? Mess Hall opened 4 years ago…

No, this is a restaurant in San Diego’s Liberty Station Public Market called Mess Hall, not the same as the one in L.A. Notice that there is a space between the words Mess and Hall :smiley:

It was supposed to be the anchor restaurant opened by the hospitality company that developed and built the Public Market.

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I think these changes make a lot of sense. It’s good to see that management is being flexible and responsive to individual occupants. There’s no shortage of sit-down restaurants elsewhere in Liberty Station, and I thought the original location of Grape Smuggler made it almost invisible to market visitors.

I never did make it to Mess Hall during it’s full-service, dinner-only manifestation.

The times I’ve been, it seems like the place never fully grasped the concept of “service.” One time we had to wait nearly 30 minutes for a new set of silverware (b/c the original was dirty when plated), and another time we our waiter couldn’t be found to refill our wine glasses.

Enjoyed the food, though.

Ah, didn’t notice lol

I was thinking that was pretty weird…

DC, I actually agree with you. Grape Smuggler is great but it’s other location was pretty out of the flow of things. You pretty much had to know it was there. And I think ditching the full service model is a good idea as well

For those interested, here’s a link to the Liberty Station layout when the updates are completed in a couple of weeks.

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