The Anchovy and Sardine Thread

I need more of this in my life #fuckavocados
What’s your favorite?

Osteria Mozza

(new) mozzarella di bufala, anchovies, garlic toast
Nancy can do no wrong at the mozzarella bar, these three ingredients were the highlight of the night.

Omega-3 in a can

nancy’s caesar salad with egg, leek, and anchovy crostini

Pizzeria Mozza

roasted tomato, mozzarella di bufala, spicy anchovy, agrumato lemon
My favorite so far, with the tomatoes and anchovies the umami was dialed up to 11.


Orsa & Winston

cured anchovy toast, calabrian chiles, sesame


Gjusta Anchovy Toast is so damn good>>>>$12 Avocado Toast and your Sqirl Jam Cheese Toast

Also with your love for battera I think you are my oily fish brethren


Had an Avocado and Anchovy toast at Gjusta today. Darn tasty.


I get the anchovy toast often at gjusta but one thing that does drive me crazy is their variable saltiness. Sometimes it’s perfect salinity and other times it has been a bit of a salt bomb.

I buy their marinated anchovies all the time and make various anchovy toasts at home, no salt issues.

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Maybe they add salt when they are making the toast?:thinking:

I just know that I’ve had the toast 6-8 times and at least twice they were salt bombs, one time almost inedible and the other time just way over salted.

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Brilliant. I love anchovies!

I do notice that there are chunks of salt stuck to the anchovy. I suppose if they add some salt on top of that it would make a salt bomb.


Oh, lord. Now I’m hungry. Haven’t had breakfast yet–this would be perfect!

Great stuff! I really need to get to Gjusta next time I visit SoCal!

Posting this (photo lifted off the net), hopefully some eatery will pick up the variant idea and run with it.

Behold, the mackeral sandwich, or saba sando 鯖さんど (katsu sando is a bit yesterday)… of course Japanese saba is best… it appears to be the classic combo, saba, gari, shiso…



i had something similar in toast form at here’s looking at you

saba, yuzu kosho, mascarpone, togarashi, øland


Roberta’s has great anchovies!

nice… i was killing anchovies in northern spain last year and anticipating same in portugal soon

Forgot about nancy’s caesar salad with egg, leek, and anchovy crostini at osteria mozza.


Love this!

Though honestly, when I hear “anchovy toast”, I think of a slightly charred English muffin with lots of sweet butter and a squirt of anchovy paste from the tube.


Holy mack trucks, beefman!

thats a flavor profile that will hit you like a Mack Truck!

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The Rooster in Santa Monica has a really great grilled pacific sardine toast seen at the bottom of this photo from LA Weekly


Did Bruce Marder charge $105 for this dish? ;-D