The Arbour, Pasadena

This is intriguing:

I think it might be going in where Burger Continental was located?


Nope, it’s next door (north)–huge space, I think there were a couple of retail stores there but it’s been vacant for quite a while. It would be nice to know the story behind BC’s closure (anyone know?) and what might eventually occupy that space.

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I don’t know exactly what happened with BC (other than the multiple shutdowns by the Health Department - website says they’re still offering catering, though).

I rarely get to that end of South Lake; need to drive by and see what’s happening.

Interesting that they’d still be catering. The restaurant has been shuttered since the spring of 2015, with no activity that I’ve been able to detect whenever I drive by.

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Anyone been?

No clue this opened. Looking at photos there are some drago hold overs. The single raviolo with ricotta egg with brown butter on top. Might have to make it a lunch stop

The room is quite nice, but the menu makes me yearn for the opportunity to watch paint dry. On a humid day.

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