The Bang Bang Thread

Intrepid foodologist @J_L has mentioned a few times that uni quality is subprime right now.

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Yet they continue to serve it.

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Chinatown Double The Carbs Cheap Comfort Food Bang Bang

Keung Kee. Thousand Year Old Egg and Pork Congee. $3

J&K Hong Kong Cuisine. Beef and Tomato Over Rice. $6.75. Canto-American comfort food. Fukin love this dish.
Should have bought some Spam and Egg sandwiches to go for…

$6.50 for matinee show.


If anyone can say the above 3 Times fast in person to me and tell me the intersection I’ll buy a bunch of street tacos and a bacon wrapped. Fo real!!


Ohh man I strongly disagree with you here. Even a pasta dish that is being served before the main (which seems to be the custom in most places in northwestern Italy where I’ve eaten most extensively) is much bigger than that cacio e pepe joke.

Beaudry & Sunset. (No Google was harmed in the formulation of this answer)


Not sure what kind of parallel universe I am living in, but when I ate at Bourdain’s favorite Roma Sparita the cacio e pepe had about the same amount of pasta as Jon and Vinnys when I had it there, albeit, it is plated better at Roma Sparita:

Jon and Vinny’s uses thicker bucatini, which is perhaps giving and appearance of there being less? I don’t know… having eaten both dishes, they seem to be about the same to me in terms of portiion size.

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Please tell me you have a sample size > 1

Yeah, absolutely, the best way to enjoy eating food is to run statistical experiments and moan about deviations of portion size from some standard mean. It is already greater than 1 though as I posted another example earlier in the thread that was completely ignored.

If the place in Rome serving its most iconic pasta, avowed as one of the best dishes in the country serves the same portion size as Jon and Vinny’s, and both taste awesome, I will eat both.

The rest of you can use Yelp to find whatever the most massive amount of pasta for the lowest price approved by at least 5,000 reviewers is I guess.

The fewer people eating at Jon and Vinnys the better for me anyway, it’s already hard enough to get a table to eat their horrific food.

Jon & Vinny’s is also 55% more expensive at $17.75 plus an 18% mandatory service charge instead of 13 euros or 13.50 usd.

look, don’t take this personally, but:

  1. thanks for the info, it’s helpful
  2. i mean it, don’t take this personally: YOU say the portions are about the same size.
    you are working from memory of having eaten at the joint in rome once, some unspecified time ago (if you’ve eaten there several
    times, and jon and vinnys several times, i am wrong and i apologize).
    i don’t know you, but having read your posts on this board, i am not 100 percent sure why i should take your opinion as gospel.

having eaten at neither place, my opinion, of course, is pretty meaningless. all i’ve seen is the pictures posted and the prices.

i will say i am a person who is a lot more forgiving when travelling than at home.


I must have been dining at some cheap-ass joints across Italy. The servings seemed to be universally huge in comparison!!! F’kin michelin guide…


Whew, didn’t realize Euros are almost 1:1 with USD now.

Well, sure, as I wrote in my review of Jon and Vinny’s, everyone hates the place. I have no idea why anyone continues to go. One of the worst restaurants in Los Angeles, just an awful place. They play loud, lurid music, serve horrifically overpriced dreck of food, and are awash in hipsters.

Just leave us poor meatball addicts to the horrors of our hipster hedonism like you leave the heroin addicts of skid row to their own space!

The drama!
That plate of cacio e pepe was small. Chintzy even.
Jon And Vinny’s and the rest of the empire is still on the whole great.
Not calling a spade a spade doesn’t make you seem more reasonable.

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if we all agreed this would be very boring and I’m guessing @Aesthete doesn’t aspire to be reasonable.


True on both counts, I’d wager.

Er, you mean all over suburban US as well as everywhere else, right?


Well, it’s a fine portion for this unwashed hipster hedonist, so I don’t know what to tell you people other than to avoid the restaurant at all costs.

Yeah, but skid row is their space, at least no one bothers them there.

I’m betting there are plenty of heroin addicts at the “high-end” places you frequent. Maybe you haven’t caught the news…in the last few years :frowning:


Yeah, I know several heroin addicts personally, and at least a few of them are quite wealthy. Even the wealthy ones enjoy taking a romp on skid row because it’s one of the only places in the world you can shoot up in something like a community of people “like you”.

I’m sure you really get off on judging people from afar, though, rather ironically the reason that even people with millions of dollars prefer shooting up in tents on skid row some nights.