The Disappearance of Mary’s Organic Eggs

The Whole Foods in Woodland Hills stopped carrying Mary’s organic eggs a few months ago. I asked a few employees and no one seemed to know why. I searched online, nothing, went to the WF website and though it still shows up on the product page, it shows out of stock in LA and SF so I’m guessing it’s out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know the story behind the disappearance of these delicious eggs?

Whole Foods has so many brands of eggs, maybe they weren’t selling as well as the others. Or some competitor paid for the shelf space.

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Yes, WF has many brands of eggs, but none as flavorful with bright yellow-orange yolks like Mary’s. I think it’s part of the bigger picture that WF is sacrificing quality in a their quest to appease shareholders, even before Amazon bought them out.

Any other choices if judging eggs by how yellow the yolks are?

I’ve been using the vital farms ones and they’re pretty good.

Vital farms is a good choice. I’ve been buying Pete and Gerry’s organic eggs and most of the yolks are bright yellow, decent replacement to Mary’s.

I really like the eggs from Happy Eggs Farm. Really orange yolk great for pasta and not too expensive

If you are looking for bright orange yolks get thee to the Irvine farmers market. La Bahn ranch. The most lovely tasty orange reddish yolks. Huge lines every Saturday. They used to sell eggs at electric butchery at 4th street market. Not sure if they still do.

Mary probably ran out of purveyors. You know there is not a Mary’s egg farm .

Contact Mary’s and ask them. Costco stopped selling a product I loved, when I asked Costco no one knew. I wrote the company, they told me straight up they were losing money and stopped dealing with Costco.

I agree, when Pete and Gerry’s isn’t available these are my backup.

I did email Mary’s and no response.

Where do you get that information? I find a couple of sources that say Mary’s eggs are produced by Pitman Family Farms, which produces Mary’s chickens, which are named after Mary Pitman.

They had Mary’s duck eggs at the Brea WF. The other non 365 brand organic eggs were the Chino Valley Farms and Pete & Gerry.