The Good Fork in Brooklyn - opinions?

This got mentioned in something I was reading. I love the looks of the menu and the place. Anybody have an opinion? TIA

We’ve been there a # of times & have always had a very good meal. It is a cozy, friendly, warm place to go if one is not looking for a trendy, small plates, gastro dinner but a traditionally coursed well prepared meal conceived & executed by a well trained creative chef/kitchen. We leave satisfied & happy.

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What a wonderful description. I really appreciate your taking the time.

No problem. We live in Brooklyn & go out very, very often. Feel free to ask if you need more info. about food or the area. As one of the old time CH folks, I sorta miss that aspect of sharing knowledge & “finds”.

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Just getting ready to start a thread :slight_smile:

I’m at if you want/need to veer off from just restaurants.

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