The Greatest Beef Noodle Soup? The Warming, Soulful, Flavorful, Mouth-Watering Beef Noodle Soup of Central Vietnam - Ngu Binh [Thoughts + Pics]



So glad you loved it, @Chowseeker1999! That’s been on the family rotation since forever, but admittedly, it’s fallen on the back burner now the older folks want to more potlucks at someone’s house. Their nem is one of my Dad’s favorite dishes…he enjoys the funk in some old favorites. I like it the first few bites, and then remember on the fourth bite why I only have it once a year. My sister loves the Mi Quang…in fact, we are both stuffed from dinner and are now hungry, again, after seeing your write up. Looks like I know where I’m going later this weekend! Thanks!


Ngu Binh is a Little Saigon classic like Brodards, Pho 79, and Trieu Chau. So glad you got to try it!

Banh It Kep Banh Ram at Ben Ngu is wonderful and not quite what you describe. Perfect bite! Ben Ngu is owned actually by the ex-wife of the owner of Ngu Binh! Both are probably some of the best for Central Vietnamese food!

And I hope to see more Little Saigon adventures from you!


And that’s why we can eat this type of soup for days but can only tolerate ( due to its richness) one bowl of most ramen a month :joy: plus, it’s a lot cheaper, but that’s another subject entirely…

other not so secret ingredient is lemongrass. And lots of it. Stalks are used during cooking of the broth and minced in the chile oil sauce.

The shrimp paste is mixed into the chile/anatto seed oil sauce along with mince lemongrass so its flavors are well rounded out and mellowed so you don’t easily taste it except for the umami.

Hope you continue to discover real diversity of Vietnamese cuisine!


Wow that soup looks absolutely amazing. I was getting excited until I saw that it was in Westminster. How did you make 3 trips down there for food let alone one??

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Thanks @attran99. :slight_smile: Besides the Bun Bo Hue and the Mi Quang, are there any other things you’d recommend at Ngu Binh? (I really like the Banh Beo Chen little dishes.)

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And thank you @JeetKuneBao! Your posts into Little Saigon have added a lot of bookmarks for us. :grin: Can’t wait to try more places.

You’re a goddamn legend. Thanks for your reports; we’re all the better for them.


Hi @hppzz,

Totally agree! We used to really enjoy Tonkotsu Ramen, but over the last few years, it just feels heavier and heavier. Now I think we might have Tonkotsu Ramen like once every few months. :wink: But that Bun Bo Hue (Hue-Style Beef Noodle Soup) at Ngu Binh? I’m craving it again! :smile:

Thanks for the tip on the lemongrass, yes! We tasted that as well.

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In all honesty, banh beo and banh uot…anything rice flour-based and turned into cake or noodles are my favorites. Maybe because I get to douse it in nouc cham and add fresh herbs. I’ve been known to get banh beo to go, and go home and make lettuce wraps filled with herbs and the banh beo…with the sauce, it’s a great meal.

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Off-topic I suppose but I’m sharing a few pix from the bon bo hue that we had in Hue, Vietnam. I’d read a blog that declared it the best soup in the world and we agree.




central region specialties - ban bot loc, banh nam or the sampler platter… mit xuc banh trang , the youngfruit salad with crispy rice crackers

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They put pork blood in the beef soup?

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Thanks @attran99. Making lettuce wraps with the banh beo sounds delicious! :slight_smile:

Hi @catholiver,

The bun bo hue soup in your pics looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Hi @Bookwich,

To clarify, it’s a pressed block of pork blood, so you can remove the cube and not worry about it. :wink: Thankfully it’s not mixed into the broth like, say, Sapp’s Boat Noodles.


My pleasure! We got there when she starts serving at 8ish IIRC. When it’s gone, she closes for the day. Two huge bowls and a bottled water was about $4 :slight_smile:


It’s typically made with both pork and beef (bones and meat products)

Pork blood cubes are great. Soft yet resilient with a velvety mouth feel. Good in soups, hot pot and stir-fries.


Anyone have a good lead on Cao lầu?