The Legendary Restaurant (Alhambra) - Revised Menu!

I noticed this restaurant doesn’t appear to have a dedicated thread. I returned here after some time off, and noticed they have new menu items! I’m trying two tonight, will report back…


Looking forward to your report!

So it seems they’ve moved beyond Sichuan ma la, but I don’t know enough to better describe what cuisine the new dishes represent.

The Fried Chicken with Crispy Chili was heavy on peanuts and sesame seeds, but not very spicy. It was good, but I like the Peppery Chicken (which is still on the menu) better.

The Sour and Spicy Boiled Fish with Pickled Pepper was also sans ma la, but I really enjoyed the sour flavors here, even though the spice was from pickled jalapeños. Interestingly, there were celery sticks and green beans in the casserole. It was very good! Again, though, while a nice change of pace, I’m still going for the Rattan Pepper fish in the future.

There’s another new fish dish, but I don’t recall what it is. Other new dishes are sprinkled throughout the menu, too. More investigation needed :sunglasses:


Upon further analysis, the new menu has fewer items than the old menu. Gone are the crab and lobster dishes, as are many of the offal dishes (beef lungs in chili sauce, sauteed goose intestine, etc.), but some new items have been added.

Hearing The Legendary has closed. We’ll miss it.

And Nothingness is no more.

Strangely drove by two nights in a row and the interior appeared to be brightly lit.

Oh, I see. The replacement, Hi Beef House, is already up and running.

Damn!! This sucks.