The Lot (La Jolla)

Decided to catch a morning matinee of Meru at the newly opened The Lot this morning, and then stayed for lunch (or brunch).

Suffice to say, the movie was fantastic, one of the better documentaries this year. Theater amenities were also top notch.

If you go, go for the movies, stay for the movies.

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Got it.

I really don’t get the theaters that serve food to be consumed during movies. I like movies. I don’t really want to hear forks and knives and clinking glasses and the smell of some dishes and servers or clearers walking around. I, for one, can manage sitting for 105 minutes without food. I have tried these theaters in Austin (Alamo Draft House) and here and some handle it better than others. I don’t mind a cocktail during a movie because I cannot manage for 105 minutes without booze. But people usually get their drink before entering the theater and there are not usually servers wandering around distracting from the film. If the theater is showing something old or raucous, I don’t mind either, but for a new film that does not involve super heroes or fast cars, I prefer as few possible.

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I like the idea of the The Lot on paper, though I’ve never tried the dinner/movie combination outside of home.