The Manufactory (Tartine Bianco, Alameda Supper Club, The Market) - ROW DTLA

i got the fior di latte in sf, sorry can’t remember the other flavors.

at the row, i believe they were selling vanilla and coffee soft serve the last time i walked by about a week ago.

and apparently passionfruit

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I feel like both reviews were carefully worded to be polite. It seems like Bill Addison is being a bit “nicer” as well in his choice of expressions and words, leaning on more of an encouraging tone.

I don’t think service is mentioned in either article, which is a bit telling to me.

I agree that the bread at Tartine is the best part about the place. The olive fougasse is so damn good. It’s like half olive half bread.

I’ve never thought Bill Addison to be a particularly flowery writer. I may have to rethink that thought.

I think Bill Addison’s review of Alameda Supper Club captures it really well though, despite maybe being carefully worded. As I mentioned in the other thread on this restaurant (Alameda Supper Club), the food is not necessarily all that memorable, but it’s hard to fault it (at least the 3-4 items that I tried). I would happily eat both of the pastas I tried on any given night, I just don’t crave them like I might some other pastas I’ve tried around town.

Cocktails also looked quite interesting, but didn’t try them, despite my co-diner having 3!

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Well, easy come, easy go…

Hardly shocking given the ghost-town vibe. I guess this means no Pizza Bianco?

I hope not. In the article it says Bianco is still planning on opening up thr pizzeria but that remains to be seen. I think Pizzeria Bianco would bring in consistent traffic.

No, Bianco will take over some or all of the space.

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if they survive, I think it will be due to a strong delivery program

Isn’t delivery a problem for all those Row places, since it’s a pedestrian mall?

Aside from the success of Hayato, will ROW ever take off?

ROW reminds me of that scene in Talented Mr. Ripley where Damon decorated Laws mansion with that mishmash of art and Hoffman is like what the hell is going on in here. Dickie would never decorate like this or whatever.

Besides Hayato.

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I love how bizarrely and delightfully random this observation is.

On-topic: I still have not been to ROW b/c I am lazy.


Rats. My cousin is coming to town and I was going to take her here because she has the book and has been baking like crazy using the recipes.

@attran99 I’ve been riding my bike over to Tartine Sycamore on my days off. Nice for a cup of coffee and pastry classics from Tartine. Also they have fresh bread and breakfast/lunch items. Lots of room to sit and hang out.

Plus last month I heard a cashier talking about a pizza place going in next door. He claimed he couldn’t disclose anymore information. Two and two says Bianco will be going in there.

And sightglass is opening on the other side of tartine.


I ride my bike there too! I’m really hoping this pizza rumor is true.

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If they put in residential and a supermarket maybe it could become a self contained community but depending purely on office rental is not a strong strategy when retail is dying and physical office space is becoming less relevant in the digital age.


Nice! Yeah if you ever see it I ride a red Mikkelsen track bike with purple bar tape

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