The Maude Tasting Menu for 2016 is here

Eater LA just released Maude’s 2016 Tasting Menu:
January: Carrot
February: Potato
March: Pistachio
April: Radish
May: Garlic
June: Cherry
July: Zucchini
August: Plum
September: Grape
October: Chicories
November: White truffle
December: Black truffle
I kind of have my eyes on Cherry & Garlic….

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I set an alert for Garlic.

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Mmm, I am finally going to try and go for Pistachio I think!

Potato seems kind of fascinating in that it seems like it would be too easy to make totally boring. I almost want to go for that one just to see wtf is up with it.

Garlic… seems like… could get incredibly exhausting throughout an entire meal, but great on the stomach afterwards.

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I made a reservation for carrot on Jan 12th. Will report back on how it is.

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Does anybody know what time the reservations for the next month are available to book online?

The reservations open on the 1st for the next following month. So this march 1st will open reservations for the month of April. If you wanted to get in on March reservations Im afraid its all booked out and your best bet is wait list.

I’m aware of the process. I’ve been unsuccessful in getting reservations for 15 straight months.

The telephone reservation line used to open at 10am on the 1st booking day. Does anybody know if I can start trying the tock system tonight at 12:01am? Or does the online booking system also start at 10am tomorrow?

They kept the same 10 am deadline.

Tock infinitely better than that phone silliness. I’m headed to Pistachio month thanks to it! haha

Are you super into radishes?

Got it thanks Aesthete.

My wife loves radishes so I’m trying to be on the computer right at 10am tomorrow.

Best bet is to aim for Thursdays, or some other off day, weekends go super fast…try to have a specific date and time in mind and refresh a ton of tabs into the system at 10 am.

If you are at all flexible with your dates/times, tell the Maude reservationist that you’ll take any time, any date they have.
Even better if you are solo and are willing to sit at the bar.

Didn’t they do away with reservations and went with tickets?

Yes they have online reservations using Tock now. Tickets go on sale in 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to be a little more flexible and aim for weekday reservations. Usually we are trying for the prime time Saturday night slots which are tough to come by.

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I was in the reservation system exactly at 10am and the only Thursday, Friday or Saturday reservations available for 4 people were at 6pm or 8:45pm. Between my computer, my phone and my friend we searched very quickly through all the dates. I did not check other days of the week to see if any of the times in between were available.

We ended up taking one of the 8:45pm Saturday reservations. A little later than we’d like but better than nothing.

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Congrats on securing a seat.

Might be the only 2 time slots available in the first place. 2 settings. 6pm with 2nd seating 2.5 hours later. N/naka, Nakazawa (NYC) and others employ a similar seating schedule.

I am 95% sure you are correct.

We are definitely never getting a 7 or 7:30 reservation at Maude because they don’t exist. This is the reservation schedule - you can see what times are offered for 2 or 4 tops online.

2 tops at 5:30, 5:45, 8, 8:15 and 9pm
4 tops at 6, 6:15, 8:45 and 9pm

So based on that I feel like I got the best possible seating for 4 people at Maude. Just made my day. 16th time is the charm.


You are the Susan Lucci of Maude customers.

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Has anybody been to the Maude in April for radish month? I saw one review on Yelp but wanted to see what I’m in for tomorrow night.